Centre for Soil and Environmental Research

CowThe Centre for Soil and Environmental Research (CSER) was created to provide scientific research to advance sustainable production and environmental protection for the benefit of New Zealanders.

It is built upon a 120-year tradition of education and research in the science and management of natural resources at Lincoln University.



Today, the Centre facilitates innovation and provides practical solutions to clients problems, though multidisciplinary contract research programmes.


Environment projects currently underway include:

  • Reducing nitrate leaching for sustainable farming
  • Measuring and mitigating nitrous oxide emissions
  • Use of nitrification inhibitors for environmental protection
  • Real-time monitoring of nitrate losses from soil to water
  • Improved forage grazing systems to enhance N-use efficiency
  • Determination of greenhouse gas fluxes and their mitigation in agricultural ecosystems.
  • Understanding nutrient cycles in the environment using stable isotopic tools
  • Managing the risk of cadmium to New Zealand’s land-based industries
  • The beneficial reuse of biowastes
  • New Zealand native species to improve environmental outcomes in farming systems.

The Centre is well resourced with modern scientific equipment including the most advanced lysimeter laboratory facility in the Southern hemisphere.


Programmes support a large multicultural group of high motivated post-doctoral, PhD and MSc students carrying out internationally regarded research.

The Centre is also part of the South Island Dairying Development Centre (SIDDC), a joint venture between Lincoln University, DairyNZ, Ravensdown Fertliser Cooperative Ltd, the South Island Dairy Event network of farmers (SIDE), the Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), Plant and Food Research, and AgResearch.


Page last updated on: 24/10/2013