2009 Flock Hill Workshop

Urban Ecology and Ecological Design: Perspectives in Integration and Future Directions

The “Flock Hill workshop” was held on 18-19th November 2009 in conjunction with the 40th Anniversary celebrations of the Landscape Architecture Programme at Lincoln University from 20th - 22nd November.

The main goals of the workshop were to identify ways in which ecology and design can be successfully integrated and to determine future research and teaching directions in urban ecology and ecological design. Now more than ever we need to understand the role of urban ecology and design in dealing with social, climatic, economic and biodiversity crises in a rapidly changing world.

The workshop included a half day field trip in Christchurch city and a day of presentations and discussions. Two outstanding international specialists delivered keynote addresses and participants delivered presentations on their own research. 

For more details about the workshop please contact Associate Professor Glenn Stewart: glenn.stewart@lincoln.ac.nz

Presentations made at the 2009 Flock Hill Workshop can be accessed by clicking on the title.

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