Research Outputs and Publications

Lincoln University Research Archive

The Lincoln University Research Archive is an open access repository that provides Lincoln University faculties and researchers with stable, long-term storage for their research outputs in a digital form. It captures, indexes, preserves and distributes the intellectual output of Lincoln University's academics and students, thereby enabling online access for all potential users and researchers worldwide.

The following types of materials are included:

  • Theses
  • Serial publications including research reports,  discussion papers, and working papers
  • Refereed research articles and contributions at the postprint stage
  • Refereed research outputs at the preprint stage
  • Un-refereed research outputs including conference papers, and chapters in proceedings
  • Research monographs and book chapters
  • Oral presentations and posters that report on research
  • Audio-visual presentations, datasets, and dissertations associated with research will be considered for inclusion on a case-by-case basis.

The full text of all deposited material will be made available unless embargoes are applied for commercial or legal reasons, or if there is any contravention of intellectual property rights or copyright law. In these cases the metadata only will be made accessible. Metadata will be added to all material deposited in the archive to facilitate identification, verification and searching. Metadata will be made available for harvesting by national and international search engines, e.g. OAIster and Google Scholar.

The Research Archive is also harvested by the Kiwi Research Information Service (KRIS). This website provides a gateway to open-access research documents held at universities, polytechnics, and other research institutions throughout New Zealand.


Journals @ Lincoln

The Lincoln University Journals @ Lincoln site has been established to provide staff and students with a place to publish open access journals online. The journals are harvested by national and international search engines e.g. Google, and include the following content:  research articles that are double blind peer reviewed, field notes and case studies, professional commentary, reviews and news.

Landscape Review: A Southern Hemisphere Journal of Landscape Architecture is available online from volume 1(1995) and Lincoln Planning Review is available from volume 1(2009).

Journals at this site have a notifications service for news and announcements, and alerts for new issues as they are published.

Individual articles authored or co-authored by Lincoln University staff and students are also available from the Lincoln University Research Archive.


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