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Animal Ethics Committee

The Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) ensures that all research and teaching at the University and by ‘parented’ organisations/persons is conducted in accordance with the University’s Code of Ethical Conduct for the Use of Animals (CEC) and Animal Welfare Act 1999.

No member of Lincoln University staff or any student can use animals for teaching or research without the prior approval of the AEC. Approval for the use of animals in teaching or research will be granted only when the AEC is satisfied that the proposed use of animals will comply with the CEC.
The AEC consists of up to nine members as follows:
  • Appointed by the Vice-Chancellor (five members):
  • The Chairperson (lay member of Lincoln University Council)
  • Two members of staff with experience in design of animal experiments and in physiology
  • A member of staff involved in procurement and husbandry of animals
  • A staff veterinarian.
External members (three members):
  • A representative nominated by the Veterinary Association of New Zealand
  • A person to represent animal welfare nominated by the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • A lay person nominated by Environment Canterbury. 

Co-opted member (one member)

  • A representative of Lincoln University Students’ Association (LUSA) may be co-opted from time to time following a mutual request from the Vice-Chancellor and LUSA.
The conduct of the Committee is governed by the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987.
The AEC is responsible for all decisions relating to applications for teaching and/or research involving animals and for providing the Vice-Chancellor with advice on all issues relating to the use of animals in teaching and research, including all legislative requirements. Additionally the AEC is responsible for promoting awareness of the need for University teaching and research involving animals to adhere to the University’s Code of Ethical Conduct for Animals. The AEC also ensures adequate monitoring systems are in place at Lincoln University.
The applicant is responsible for the procurement, production and maintenance of animals as well as for the work undertaken, including the selection of an appropriate animal species, the choice of the number of subjects, the nature of the procedures and all matters related to the welfare of the animals according to the requirements of the University’s CEC. The applicant is also responsible for ensuring that the application meets all the requirements of the CEC before submission. After approval has been granted, the applicant is responsible for ensuring that approval procedures are being followed.
External organisations or individuals may use the Lincoln University Animal Ethics Committee.

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Animal Ethics Committee
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