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Human Ethics Committee

The role of the Human Ethics Committee is to ensure that all research at Lincoln University that involves human participants meets established ethical standards.

The Committee also aims to educate staff on the needs and requirements for ethically-sound research and teaching practices and to ensure high ethical standards of research are maintained and minimise any risk of liability by those doing research projects involving human subjects.
Terms of Reference
  • To promote awareness of the need for research involving human participants to be of the highest ethical standards as outlined in the Committee’s Principles and Guidelines.
  • Either review non-exempted research and teaching projects involving human participants and approve proposals that meet agreed ethical standards, or ensure that research, such as clinical trials, which needs to be approved by an external accredited regional ethics committee is indeed only proceeding after having been so approved.
  • Monitor approved research projects and programmes as continuing to meet ethical standards and from time to time check that project leaders whose research is required to have ethical approval are indeed having their projects reviewed by the Committee.
  • Maintain an awareness within Lincoln University of the ethical requirements of all appropriate funding agencies.
  • Report on the activities of the Committee to the Vice-Chancellor and Council annually and, as required on specific issues arising, to the Vice-Chancellor and to the Council where the Council's attention or consideration may be warranted.

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