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Lincoln Hub

The Lincoln Hub, He Puna Karikari, is a collaboration between research, education and industry that will transform the productivity and performance of New Zealand and the world’s primary sector.

The concept has been developed by five founding partners, AgResearch, Landcare Research, Plant & Food Research (all Crown Research Institutes), DairyNZ, and Lincoln University.  It is envisaged that the Hub will evolve to include a broad range of industry and research organisations with a commitment to land-based productivity and sustainability.

Based on and close to the Lincoln University, Te Waihora campus, the Lincoln Hub will have a range of dedicated resources and new investment in infrastructure and facilities, drawing on the work of over 900 researchers and industry professionals.  Already the Hub has enabled a new model of collaboration in the research space, opening up opportunities for co-supervision of students, shared research outcomes and combined intellect being applied to solve immediate and foreseen challenges within the primary sector.  

The challenges
The Lincoln Hub is focused on some of the most significant opportunities – and challenges – facing New Zealand’s primary industries, with potential for enormous economic, social and environmental benefit.

The long-term growth of the country is dependent on a major lift in the productivity of its land-based sectors. However, increasingly intensive land-use must be balanced against the demand for more sustainable and environmentally acceptable productivity from the country’s land-based resources. 

The goal
The overarching goal of the Lincoln Hub is to accelerate the rate of economic development of the land-based sectors while improving their environmental performance. In doing so, the Hub will become a globally-significant centre for education, research, technology transfer and adoption, and practice change. By supporting industry innovation, the Hub will help build the capability needed for the primary sectors to achieve their potential. To achieve this, the Hub will be fully integrated into the strategies of the primary industries, and stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial endeavour by the private sector. It will also draw on and connect with other successful Hubs from across New Zealand and the world.

For more information on the Lincoln Hub visit: http://lincolnhub.co.nz/.

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