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Maximising Export Returns for New Zealand's Biological Industries

Welcome to the MER Data Portal where you can directly access research results from the AERU.

Kia ora tātou katoa.

To enter into the MER Data Portal, please click here on the link at the right of this page.

The MER Data Portal was originally created as part of the AERU’s Maximising Export Returns research programme, funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE) from 2012 to 2016. We are grateful to our research partner, Research First, for helping us to create this on-line tool.

That research focused on how consumers in five international markets significant for New Zealand exporters (China, India, Indonesia, Japan and the United Kingdom) value certain ‘credence attributes’ when they shop for food and beverages. Credence attributes are qualities that are claimed to be associated with a product, even though they cannot be directly observed with purchase or consumption. Example include food safety, functional foods, animal welfare, environmental stewardship, social responsibility and cultural authenticity.

The AERU will continue to publish new results through the MER Data Portal as they become available. We have completed a similar study of New Zealand consumers, and these results have been integrated into the Data Portal. The AERU is grateful for funding from a Lincoln University Research Grant and from the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge that is allowing this to happen.

Contacts: Professor Caroline Saunders at Caroline.Saunders@lincoln.ac.nz and Professor Paul Dalziel at Paul.Dalziel@lincoln.ac.nz.
The Maximising Export Returns programme also produced six research reports, which can be accessed by clicking on the relevant titles from the list below.

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