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Centre for Advanced Computational Solutions

The Centre for Advanced Computational Solutions (C-fACS) was established in 1999.

The Centre conducts research in computational and mathematical sciences relevant to environmental management, molecular biology, biophysical sciences and engineering (biotechnology).

The Centre’s aim is to embody the best aspects of both academic and industrial cultures, allowing them to uphold scientific ideals while at the same time demonstrating an awareness of real world constraints. They provide exciting opportunities for postgraduate students to formulate challenging research questions and answer them in a scientifically rigorous manner.

The Centre's main areas of expertise are:
  • Artificial neural network applications
  • Computational stochastic dynamics
  • Fracture mechanics of biological materials
  • Computational and mathematical modelling
  • Non-invasive imaging (dielectric tomography)
  • Molecular systems biology.
The Centre closely collaborates with the members of the Integrated Systems Modelling Group on research related to land, water and social issues.
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Professor Don Kulasiri
Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences
+64 3 423 0631

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