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Lincoln Staff

{Cities and Settlements People}

Research Fellows

Professor Ali Memon

Current and recently completed postgraduate students

Michelle Ruske (MEP), A comparative policy analysis between Christchurch and Copenhagen
{Page Shannon} {Brower Ann}
Tom Williams (MRS), Cycling and safety
{Page Shannon}  {Doscher Crile}
Rhodella Ibabao (PhD), Emerging Planning Practices of Civil Society Groups in IloIlo City, Philippines
{Vallance Suzanne}
Glenys Drury (MLA), Contested landscapes of urban design: An exploration into integrating community and red-light districts
{Swaffield Simon} {Wesener Andreas}
Ian Tucker Peach (International MLA exchange student; Cornell University, USA), Transitional Spaces: Applying participant observation research methods for analysing the design and construction of transitional community-initiated open spaces (CIOS) in Christchurch, NZ

{Wesener Andreas}

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