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Community involvement

Being part of the community to pass on knowledge is important to all LEaP researchers.

Community involvement

Being part of the community to pass on knowledge is important to all LEaP researchers.

LEaP researchers on editorial boards:

* World Leisure Journal (editors: Grant Cushman  and Bob Gidlow)
* Journal of Landscape Architecture (Prof Simon Swaffield)
* Landscape Journal (Prof Simon Swaffield)
* Landscape Review (Editor in Chief: Dr.  Jacky Bowring)
* Journal of Sustainable Tourism (Dr. Susanne Becken)
* Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events (Dr. Susanne Becken)
* Tourism Review (Dr. Susanne Becken)
* Annals of Tourism Research (Dr. Susanne Becken)
* Interdisciplinary Environmental Review (Prof Ken Hughey)
* Tourism in Marine Environments (Dr. Emma Stewart)
* New Zealand Journal of Social Sciences Online (Associate Editor: Kōtuitui:e: Prof Harvey Perkins)
* Polar Journal (Dr. Gary Steel)
* Annals Of Leisure Research (Prof Grant Cushman)
*, CABI Publishing (Prof Grant Cushman)
* Lincoln Planning Review (Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Hamish Rennie)
* Maritime Studies (Dr. Hamish Rennie)
* Coastal Management (Dr. Hamish Rennie)
* Planning Quarterly (Dr. Hamish Rennie)
* Sporting Traditions (Dr. Greg Ryan)
* Sport in History (Dr. Greg Ryan)
* International Journal of the History of Sport (Dr. Greg Ryan)
* Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics (Co-editors: Dr. Geoff Kerr)
* Ecotourism Society Pakistan (Assoc Prof Susanne Becken)

Tourism Industry Association
The Tourism Industry Association welcomes Dr. Susanne Becken as a new Board Member to represent the Education/HR sector.

Ecotourism Society Pakistan has announced formation of International Core Group (ICG)
ESP has been operating for 14 years; its goals are to advance sustainable tourism in Central Asia ; including through an initiative called The Region. ESP works with a small number of international experts - Associate Professor Susanne Becken has been invited to joint this initiative.

Lincoln Planning Review - Award
The Lincoln Planning Review (LPR) has just won an award from the New Zealand Planning Institute. LPR is a medium for experiential learning for students, building their capacity, knowledge and professional skills in research , quality assurance and dissemination of results and information of interest to the wider community that has been recognised by the NZPI as a “very innovative and meritorious contribution to improving the teaching and practice of planning”.

Award for Prof Ali Memon
Prof Ali Memon (Lincoln University) was awarded the New Zealand Planning Institute’s premier award at its conference in Wellington last week. This is only the third time in twenty years the Gold medal has been awarded.
The Institute Gold Medal Award recognises:

* Outstanding service to the profession, or
* Exceptionally meritorious contribution to the theory or practice of planning,
* The status of the award as the premier award of the New Zealand Planning Institute®.

In acknowledging Ali’s “outstanding service to the profession”  and summarising his “exceptionally meritorious contribution to the theory and practice of planning through his research and many publications, more than 100, over a sustained period of over thirty years” the citation concludes: "Ali received the Institute’s Distinguished Service Award in 1994, but has not rested, and the Gold Medal Award acknowledges his exceptional sustained outstanding contribution to the profession through service, theory and practice."

International Tourism Partnership
The International Tourism Partnership has been working with CEOs of major multinational companies to demonstrate that social and environmental responsibility makes good business sense. An Advisory Panel has been established to support this process.

Prof. Goodwin from Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK is chairing the panel. Dr. Becken is serving as an advisor on the panel. Her input will be on the environmental impacts and management of tourism. The International Tourism Partnership (ITP) has re-launched the Green Hotelier publication as an email newsletter and dedicated website,

Waiau Zone Water Committee
Lincoln University Professor appointed to Hurunui - Waiau Zone Water Committee (Ken Hughey).

Tourism strategies
Lincoln University staff have contributed to the implementation of Christchurch's (Canterbury) Visitor Strategy aimed at facilitating sustainable growth of tourism in the area. Mr. Sleeman contributed to "Visitor Expectations & Experience", Dr. Becken to "Sustainability", and Dr. Brien to "Visitor Accommodation". The Implementation is led by Christchurch Canterbury Tourism.

Prof. Simmons and Dr. Becken have been involved in the development of the New Zealand Tourism Strategy. Further details are available from the NZ Tourism Strategy website.

Te Waihora Lake Ellesmere – The 2009 Living Lake Symposium
Worldwide, lowland lakes are considered to be huge and ongoing challenges for management.  They suffer because they are sinks for all upstream runoff, they frequently contain fisheries in decline, their marginal lands are often under pressure for development purposes, they often have indigenous peoples rights requirements, they contain multiple other values and they are debated over by multiple stakeholders.  Te Waihora Lake Ellesmere has all these characteristics and more – it indeed typifies the enormous challenges faced by all such lakes.  It is appropriate therefore that New Zealand’s fifth largest lake by area, Te Waihora Lake Ellesmere, should be subject to much ongoing management attention.  Read more.

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