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{Natural Resource Management Group}

Postgraduate Students and Research topics

Olusegun Ahiadu  (PhD)  Impacts of land use and climate change on water quality and quantity in the Waipara river catchment, North Canterbury, New Zealand.  
Supervisors: Magdy Mohssen, Crile Doscher, R. Srinivasan, Bryan Jenkins

Amin. A. (PhD)  Land use impact on the Volta delta, Ghana.  
Supervisors:Magdy Mohssen, Sandhya Samarasinghe

Andersen, M. (MRS)  Is there a significant difference between Maori and non Maori values towards preservation and protection of water resources?  
Supervisors: Geoff Kerr, Simon Lambert

Arosh Buddika Hapuarachchi (PhD)  Effectiveness of environmental impact assessment (EIA) in mitigating development induced disasters: a comparison of the EIA processes of Sri Lanka and New Zealand.  
Supervisors: Ken Hughey, Hamish Rennie

Birendra K.C.,  (PhD)  Irrigation scheduling: a resilient adaptor to weather uncertainties and water quality assurance initiatives.
Supervisors: Magdy Mohssen

Nick Kirk  (PhD)  Who gets what, where and how? A Gramscian analysis of power in Canterbury's water governance - 1990-2010.  
Supervisors: Ton Buhrs, Ann Brower

Ujjwal Meghi (MRS)  Tigers in landscape, tigers in mind-scape: constructing the tiger in Khata biological corridor of Terai Arc Landscape, Nepal. Supervisors: Roy Montgomery, Ken Hughey,

Fiona Myles(MNRMEE)  Standards in water use: the Resource Management (Measurement and Reporting of Water Takes) Regulations 2010 and the implications for water resource management in New Zealand.  
Supervisors: Ronlyn Duncan, Ann Brower

Hesthi Nugroho (PhD)  Adoption of a conservation agriculture system: evaluation knowledge governance in rural villages of East Java, Indonesia. Supervisors: Ronlyn Duncan, Roddy Hale

Stacey Swanson (MApplSc)  Managing diffuse pollution: a comparative study of Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere and Chesapeake Bay catchments. Supervisors: Ronlyn Duncan

Dean Walker (PhD)  Toitu te whenua, matatu ana te wai: cultural health monitoring and assessment techniques for indigenous New Zealand forests  
Supervisors: Ken Hughey, Simon Lambert, Jamie Ataria

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