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Below is a list of our research areas.


Below is a list of our research areas.

Children's sport and physical literacy

Research has examined children's physical development and its relationship to skill acquisition, high performance and physical education systems. Additionally, researchers have examined different cultural understandings of children's sport, as well as children's sporting participation, enjoyment and motivation more generally.

Recent publications in this research area.

Staff involved:Roslyn Kerr, Mike Hamlin, Catherine Elliot

Events and community development

Our researchers working in the area of events and community development focus on festival experiences and visitors' motivations for attending festivals as well as the role of local events in rural and urban community development.

Recent publications in this research area.

Staff involved: Joanna Fountain, Michael Mackay, Jude Wilson, Catherine Elliot, Greg Ryan, Michael Shone

High performance sport

Researchers in the High Performance Sport Group are interested in identifying what contributes to successful sport and exercise performance. Specific topics of interest include the use of unique training regimes to enhance performance (eg., altitude and hypoxic training, vibration training, venous occlusion training). Athlete training maintenance and recovery are also areas of research (i.e. cryotherapy, hot-cold water immersion, compression garments, hyperoxia). The outcomes of improper or too much training are also research areas (i.e. injury rate, overtraining, infection and disease).

Recent publications in this research area.

Staff involved: Mike Hamlin, Catherine Elliot, Roslyn Kerr

Outdoor recreation

Image supplied by Emma Stewart

Social and cultural aspects, impacts, activity patterns, attitudes and preferences, motivations and benefits, places and spaces (including rural, freshwater, backcountry and wilderness areas), planning and management.

Recent publications in this research area.

Staff involved: Stephen Espiner, Emma Stewart, Jude Wilson, Catherine Elliot Gary Steel

Socio cultural issues in sport

The theme focuses on socio-cultural aspects of sport and physical activity. Specific topics of interest include a history of sport, commercialisation of sport, sport media, sport migration, sport for development, sport and social change, body and sport, disability and sport, political economy of sport, sport nationalism, sport and gender/race/sexuality/social class, and social inclusion and exclusion through recreation.

Recent publications in this Research Area.

Staff involved: Koji Kobayashi, Greg Ryan, Roslyn Kerr

Sport management and governance

The theme focuses on sport management and governance to enhance economic, social and health benefits for all. Research interests encompass a wide range of levels such as local, regional, national, international, inter-organisational and cross-sectoral. Topics of interest include sport and recreation policy and planning, sport partnership, social entrepreneurship in sport, sport marketing and sponsorship, sport organisational structure and culture, and sport volunteer programs.

Recent publications in this research area.

Staff involved: Koji Kobayashi, Roslyn Kerr

Well-being, physical activity and health

Focuses on the well-being and physical health outcomes in relation to physical activity including exercise and sport by measuring physical activity and fitness and investigating the physiological and health consequences of physical activity and sedentary behaviour on psychophysiological health.

Recent publications in this research area.

Staff involved: Mike Hamlin, Catherine Elliot, Kevin Moore

Interdisciplinary Areas:
  • Exercise Science
  • Geography
  • History
  • Management
  • Policy and Planning
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

Publications by research topic

Children's sport and physical literacy

Cowley V, Hamlin, M.J., Grimley M, Hargreaves J, Price C. Parent and caregivers perceptions and attitudes towards children's physical activity and physical education - results of a NZ primary schools physical activity project. In Proceedings of the Creating Active Futures- Proceeding of the 26th ACHPER International Conference. 2009: Brisbane, Australia p. 23-9.

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Events and community development

Fountain, J. & Ryan, G. (2015). 'It's not all beer and skittles': An exploratory analysis of the characteristics and motivations of beer festival visitors. Refereed working paper. CAUTHE Conference 2015: Rising tides and sea changes, 2-5 February, Gold Coast, Australia.

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High performance sport

Natalie Barker-Ruchti, Roslyn Kerr, Astrid Schubring, Georgia Cervin & Myrian Nunomura (2016): "Gymnasts Are Like Wine, They Get Better With Age”: Becoming and Developing Adult Women's Artistic Gymnasts, Quest, DOI: 10.1080/00336297.2016.1230504

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Outdoor recreation

Depatie, C., Kerr, R. Espiner, S. and Stewart E. J. (2016) Experiencing Outdoor Recreation in the Digital Technology Age: A case study from the Port Hills of Christchurch, New Zealand in Digital Leisure Cultures: Critical Perspectives Eds. S. Carnicelli, ‎D. McGillivray and G. McPherson. Routledge.

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Socio cultural issues in sport

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Sport management and governance

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Well-being, physical activity and health

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