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Research Management Office

The Research Management Office (RMO) facilitates internal and external connectivity, research project development and innovation, and the acquisition and administration of research funding.

RMO plays a key role in research capability development to foster a culture of research excellence at Lincoln University.
The small, specialised team is tasked with enabling Lincoln’s researchers to achieve success throughout their research careers and will facilitate connections between researchers and external parties, assist with converting research outputs into outcomes, and ensure the research expertise within Lincoln is accessible and utilised.
RMO adds value through the following:

Our framework 
RMO develops and implements university-wide research strategies. These range from recoding research excellence (such as measured by the national Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF), to contract research growth and innovation.
Our skills 
RMO provides professional and technical management of the University’s research and innovation support services.
Campus capability 
RMO leads the development of a coherent and consistent approach to research and innovation activities campus-wide.
Our relationships
RMO enables the development of an active research culture through the facilitation of research interactions between key internal and external stakeholders.
Our profile
RMO raises the profile of Lincoln’s research and related activities through effective information dissemination internally and with public and private fund sources.
For more information on the RMO, or to discuss research or commercial opportunities, please contact us.
If you are seeking expert comment, or would like to speak to somebody within one of Lincoln's areas of expertise, please email

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