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Research and Community

Our focus is on our relationship with the land and how that informs and impacts communities around the world.

We believe in asking the big questions, and applying that knowledge to industry and the communities we serve. That’s why our mission is to help:

  • Feed the world
  • Protect the future
  • Live well.

These themes run through our various streams of research. They also support the Government’s National Science Challenges – social, environmental and economic opportunities and difficulties that face New Zealanders today and in the future.

Delivering this type of research is possible because of the University’s highly skilled, professional academic and research staff who are able to find the healthy balance between discovery and application.

It is also because of our ability to attract significant research funding from both government and private investors. As we create new – and nurture existing – partnerships, we look forward to real successes as the research and experience we share directly contributes to growth, skills and opportunities for our region and beyond.

For more information, or to discuss a possible research theme, please contact us.

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