Lincolnuni email

Your Lincolnuni email is an Office365 account customised for Lincoln University students. Students receive a mailbox on the next business day following completion of their first registration. Office365 is a fully web based service, includes a 50 GB mailbox, calendar, contact management, as well as 25 GB ‘OneDrive’ (formerly known as SkyDrive). It is accessible from almost any web browser on or off campus, and is an official University communication channel with students.

This service is available to all students, both undergraduate and post graduate.

What is my email address?

Student mailbox addresses are in the form, where number is present only if required to differentiate a mailbox from other pre-existing mailboxes. You can continue to use this email address even after you leave Lincoln.

If you have finished enrolling and don't know what your email address is, login to a Lincoln campus computer using the username and password you where given.Once you have done this a System Notice will appear, under the word Welcome you should see your email address displayed. 

Password for my email

When you change your Lincoln login password, this also updates your email password so they remain synchronised. For more info see Lincoln Password Info page  

How to access my email account

Your Lincoln email can be accessed in the following recommended ways:

How to forward my email to another account

Your Lincoln email can be forwarded to another email account by following these steps:

  • Select the cog (gear icon) on the top right Menu Bar.
  • Choose "Account" under the Options Tab.
  • Click the "Forward your email" link on the right
  • Scroll down to the "Forward my email to" box and enter the email address you want you emails forwarded to. Make sure the "Keep a copy of forwarded messages in Outlook Web App" is selected.
  • Click the "Start Forwarding" button to start forwarding your Office 365 emails to the selected account.

Need help?

See the help pages for Office365
Online help for Office365 is extensive and includes getting started, mailbox rules, chat, email client software setup and working with attachments.

Want more information?

Contact: IT Service Desk
Phone: +64 3 423 0100

Page last updated on: 13/10/2014