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New Students

Check out all the information you need to help you to settle in on campus.

New Students

Check out all the information you need to help you to settle in on campus.
There are just a few minor tasks you need to complete before becoming a fully-fledged LU student.

Set yourself up with your Lincoln username, password, email and online learning tools before the start of lectures. Here’s the process to follow (disregard any steps that you have already completed):
1. Complete your enrolment
You must be fully enrolled to access to your user ID, email and other tech tools. Complete your checklist on LUCAS and click Submit.
2. Change your password
Once your enrolment is complete, head to Self Service to change your campus password and set up secret questions (you can use these if you need to reset your password - no IT Help required).
3. Access your Lincoln Uni student email
To access your student email, follow the instructions here. Your lecturers and course coordinators will contact you at this address, so you'll need to keep an eye on it.
4. Familiarise yourself with our online learning tools
Login to our online learning system, LEARN, to access course information and materials. Have a play with the online learning tools to get comfortable with them before you start lectures.
5. Receive a free copy of Office 365
Download Office 365 here. You’ll get cloud services, including 1TB of storage, and access to Microsoft Office web apps like Word, Powerpoint and Excel. You can also download your copy of Office 365 to your personal device.

6. Get your student ID card
After completing your enrolment, you should receive a separate email with instructions on how to access your student ID card, which is like your master key. It functions as your library membership card and you can also use it to print documents on campus, gain access to relevant buildings, and much more. Keep it with you at all times. Click here for more information about how to receive your ID card.
7. Log in to the My Day Lincoln student portal
Find all the information you need in one place on our My Day student portal. Log in with your Lincoln email address and password.
If you have questions about free wireless access, printing documents on campus or anything else tech-related, check out IT Help.