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Pastoral Support

Receive guidance from our Chaplains, regardless of your beliefs.

Pastoral Support

Receive guidance from our Chaplains, regardless of your beliefs.

The Chaplaincy team

Name Role Email Mobile Phone
Rev Sampson Knight Senior Chaplain
or Lincoln Anglican/Rolleston Church -
021 335 168 423 0514
Ani Kartikasari Associate Chaplain 022 619 6922 423 0515
Graeme Young Associate Chaplain 021 0320 115 423 0515
Caesar Summer Assistant Chaplain 03 325 2770 423 0515
Paul Holmes Associate Chaplain 022 633 1925 4230515

What is a Chaplain?

A Chaplain supports spiritual and emotional wellbeing, helping people to balance their inner needs with the requirements of the world around us.

They meet the need of the moment, usually through listening and prayer.

Chaplains may also function as advocates and help with non-medical aegrotats.

Who we are here for

We support everyone in the Lincoln University community, including students and staff.

We are Christian-based but support people from all faith backgrounds and denominations, as well as those without a religious affiliation.

We are here to accompany you according to your needs.

What we do


* Provide pastoral care, supporting the emotional wellbeing of students and staff

* Facilitate dialogue between faith and academic disciplines

* Help build a caring community on campus

* Nurture the person as a whole, taking into account not only their academic work but also their life journey

* Offer a listening ear and a safe place to talk over personal, work or study concerns

* Provide support during times of crisis, stress, and anxiety, as a result of grief, homesickness, loneliness, family and relationship concerns, employment issues and other difficult situations

* Officiate occasional services at events such as weddings, funerals, memorial services and house blessings

* Help with non-medical aegrotat applications.

The Chaplains' service is confidential and impartial.

Spiritual, social and cultural activities

* Spiritual journey guidance: Prayer and support

* English conversation fun lunch classes, Wednesday 1-2pm:
Open to students and spouses (please bring your children along too and bring your lunch if you would like). This is an informal opportunity to improve your English. Held at the Hobson Building Room, Room 134, Pacific Island Lincoln University Students' Association (LUPISA). This is a free class run by the Chaplaincy Team here at the University. For further information, please contact Chaplain Sampson Knight at

* Introduction to Christianity programmes

* Free Bibles in nine languages

* Worship services, pastoral events and topical seminars

* Social outings for international students

* Support for Christian groups.

Where to find us

Our offices are in the NRE Building, rooms 164, 165 and 170 (campus map #19 A3), first floor, far left corner. You are most welcome to drop into the office, send us an email, or phone us to make a time to meet, or just say 'hi' when you see us around campus.


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