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Postgraduate resources

Access services and facilities that cater specifically for the challenges of postgraduate study.

Postgraduate resources

Access services and facilities that cater specifically for the challenges of postgraduate study.

Postgraduate resources

If you’re considering taking up postgraduate study, then the first thing you should do is discuss your plans with a postgraduate course advisor. It’s important to make sure you know the options available and the best approach based on your research/study preferences.

Postgraduate faculty administrators

Once you’ve decided what the best postgraduate programme is for you, and you’ve completed your registration, you should contact a Postgraduate Faculty Administrator for extra information on orientation requirements, IT services, and the study resources available.

Supervisory Research Teams

The Supervisory Research Team works with postgraduate students to identify their goals and monitor their progress throughout their study.

Lincoln University’s small size means that students benefit from frequent contact with their supervisors. The University also has close professional relationships with many industry organisations, which adds extra depth to research support.

If you’re just starting out in postgraduate study, however,  you need to make sure you and your supervisor have a clear understanding of what’s required. The mutual expectations of postgraduate supervision information can help with key things to cover off with your supervisor.

It’s also important to know the house rules.

Extra support

Library, Teaching and Learning have expert services to help you with some of the special demands of postgraduate study; such as preparing a thesis or dissertation, drafting a research proposal, effective tutoring, or research methods.

Supervision: Mutual Expectations


Mutual Expectations Agreement MEA revised June 2017
Faculty of Environment, Society and Design (Word 69KB)

The purpose of this document is to encourage communication between the thesis student and their supervisors, and to record their mutually agreed expectations. This template may be modified, if necessary, by mutual agreement of the thesis student and supervisory team.

Mutual Expectations Agreement
Other faculties (Word 62KB)

The Mutual Expectations Agreement Template should be adapted as needed by mutual agreement of the thesis student, Supervisor, Associate Supervisor(s)(and/or mentors as appropriate).

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