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Increasing consumer sophistication means a greater demand for a diverse range of high-quality products.  

Our approach

A growing global population and the constraints of finite resources require a more savvy approach food production and food marketing.
Our business qualifications equip students with a sound applied knowledge of core business concepts and the unique commercial considerations of the multi-billion dollar primary production industry.


Bachelor of Commerce
Website Optimisation Team Leader, Ark Advanced
Abby Shepherd decided to attend Lincoln University because of its small classes and ability to offer oneon-one assistance to students. She graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2012.
Her studies focused on business management and IT and she says she enjoyed the latter the most, due to the hands-on tutorial work.
“The lecturers and staff were fantastic as they actually want to help you to succeed. They also tried to make things fun and applicable to the real world.” After graduating, she spent time overseas then moved to Auckland, where she secured a graduate role as an Online Marketing Campaign Manager.
Three years on, she is now the Website Optimisation Team Leader for a group of online marketing campaign managers. She says her business management studies were instrumental in setting her apart from others and have allowed her to take on extra responsibilities at work.
“The business management study I did at Lincoln is what helped me to prove myself as being different from other marketing graduates in the company I work for,” she says.
“I look beyond my very client-focused role and help the business owner with all aspects of managing the company, from hiring to training and helping to make decisions about the direction of the business.”
Bachelor of Commerce, Postgraduate Diploma in Finance
Transaction Advisory Services, Ernst & Young
Lincoln University’s small size helped former student Jordan Pentecost to become comfortable working in small teams with a variety of people. He says this has set him up perfectly for a career in corporate finance.
Jordan attended on a golf scholarship and enjoyed benefiting from specialist sports training while working towards a Bachelor of Commerce.
“I have a natural interest in agriculture, so Lincoln was a good fit,” he says. Jordan graduated in 2011 and received a Postgraduate Diploma in Finance the following year. Jordan enjoyed the small classes at Lincoln, as well as the accessibility to lecturers.
“The ability to go and have in-depth chats with your lecturers was really great. I still keep in close contact with some of the lecturers today, nearly three years after I have finished. “I look back and think being at Lincoln was the best part of my life.
"Getting a scholarship was probably the best thing, as it allowed me to branch out and meet a whole new group of friends who I am still close with now.”
Following his studies, he secured a graduate role at Ernst & Young in Private Client Services. He then moved into Transaction Advisory Services in early 2014, and remains in that position.

Career outcomes

Here are some of the careers that have been pursued by our business graduates:
Accountant (management, financial, tax, chartered, investment, business services, cost, project, company)
Credit Analyst
Finance Officer
Investment Advisor
Investment Analyst
Rural Banker
Property Manager
Asset Manager
Agribusiness Consultant
Account Manager
Marketing Co-ordinator
Sales Representative
Territory Manager
Account Manager
Communications Advisor

Lincoln University website redevelopment project 2014
Nick Goodey - C# back end and SharePoint Developer
Star Chen - Web Developer
Karaitiana Taiuru - Web Developer SharePoint administrator
Ting Wu - Front end Developer
Jeremy Baker - Senior managment
Tafflyn Bradford-James Marketing director
Richard Corby - Project manager
Pikselin - primary partner, web designers, UX design