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Environmental careers involve addressing some of the most critical issues facing the planet today.

Our approach

The world is in crisis. Major problems such as resource depletion, loss of biodiversity and pollution are pushing the environment towards its limit.
Meanwhile, the population is growing and changing rapidly, with the prospect of reaching 10 billion by 2050, which will put still more pressure on our precious natural resources.
It’s time for us all to step up and make a difference. By studying with our internationally-recognised researchers and lecturers, you can help to lead the way to a brighter, more sustainable future.
Our programmes will prepare you for immediate employment in the field by providing the most up-to-date industry knowledge and experience with addressing real-world environmental issues.


Bachelor of Environmental Management
Master of Resource Studies Specialist, Water, Environmental Strategy and Policy Department, Auckland Council
Even though Kathryn Collins is from Auckland, having attended Diocesan School for Girls, her mother, aunt and two brothers also studied at Lincoln University. With a natural love of the outdoors, at school, Katie was involved in strong, environmentally focused educational programmes.
“These programmes were where my interest in learning more about the environment was fostered, which led me to studying for the Bachelor of Environmental Management.”
While at Lincoln, Katie’s interest in the environment turned specifically towards water usage, quality and quantity, and freshwater ecology.
“I’m also interested in how Māori cultural values interact with ecology and natural resource planning. Upon completing my thesis, I applied for jobs in freshwater policy and monitoring, and my qualifications helped land my current role.”
Katie, a freshwater specialist at Auckland Council, has worked with the Auckland Plan Natural Environment Chapter, Unitary Plan and on the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management in Auckland. Katie enjoyed Lincoln’s practical, real world curriculum and working as an elected official of the Lincoln University Students’ Association (LUSA).
Bachelor of Environmental Management and Planning
Planner, Beca
Jessica Samuels is the first person in her family to go to university. She was introduced to Lincoln University when a Liaison Officer visited her high school, Matamata College.
Jess chose Lincoln for several reasons: good reputation, small class size and pretty campus, but most importantly, because of their involvement in science and environmental planning courses.
“Planning is a great career for people who want to be involved in shaping New Zealand, as planning incorporates environmental, social, cultural and economic factors that influence the way we live. If you enjoy Geography, Science or English, planning conjoins these subjects to make decisions about the urban and rural environments.”
While studying at Lincoln, and before joining Beca, Jess took on four internships over the summer and winter breaks. Two internships were with NIWA on an eel restoration project in the Waikato River, one was with the Raukawa Trust, and the fourth was with the Waikato River Authority.
“Apply for any internship in any field for as much experience as possible – be prepared to get your hands dirty,” Jess says. At Lincoln, Jessica remembers being encouraged to succeed and having the support of lecturers and friends from all walks of life.

Career outcomes

Here are some of the careers that have been pursued by graduates of our environment programmes.
Agricultural Consultant
Biodiversity Officer/Advisor/Ranger
Climate Change Advisor
Data Analyst
Corporate Social Responsibility Professional
Community Engagement Advisor
Community Relations Officer
Compliance Officer - Sustainability
Consents Monitoring Officer
Conservation Officer
Conservation Restoration Consultant
Contaminated Land Advisor
Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
Department of Conservation Ranger
Environment Office Manager - NGO
Environment Partnership Leader
Environmental Educator/Education Coordinator
Environmental Health Practitioner
Environmental Impact Assessor
Environmental Management Coordinator
Environmental Monitoring Officer
Water Quality/Enforcement
Environmental Consultant/Manager
Environmental Technical Officer
Data Manager
Fisheries Officer
Industrial Ecologist
International Aid and Development Worker
Land Information Officer
Land Management Officer
Natural Resources and Environment Coordinator
Renewable Energy Developer
Restoration Project Manager
Sustainability Development Coordinator
Sustainable Business Analyst
Sustainable Farm/Dairy Advisor
Land and Water Quality Officer
Waste Management Officer


We offer the following environment-related scholarships:
Tu Mai Grants and Awards - for Maori and Pasifika students

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