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Gain a firm grounding in the biological and physical sciences to open up a broad range of career opportunities in a variety of disciplines.


Our programmes will give you skills and knowledge you need to tackle processes in the environment, in ecosystems and biota, or at the molecular level. It's all about contributing to sustainable management and conservation of the country’s abundant natural resources.
As our world changes, we need highly-skilled individuals who can tackle the big issues. How do we feed the world while minimising environmental impact? How do we protect our environment from biological threats? How do we maintain good environmental quality?
These are the pressing questions facing scientists of the future. As a Lincoln BSc graduate, you can help to answer them.


Bachelor of Science (Hons)
Strategy Analyst, Livestock Improvement Corporation (LIC), Hamilton
Erin McIllmurray was always fascinated by science and enjoyed studying biology.
“I really like to explore the world, concepts, ideas – anything and everything. I like to experiment to find out why things do or don’t work, and I love problem-solving.”
Erin’s passion led her to study for a Bachelor of Science. She graduated with Honours and started working at Livestock Improvement Corporation as a Research Assistant. Erin was able to apply her Honours research directly to her role.
“I was involved in developing the breeding scheme for LIC’s subsidiary Deer Improvement. My honours project was in deer reproduction, and my courses provided me with a good base understanding of epigenetics. This was an excellent first role for me to have.”
When the opportunity arose to progress to a Strategy Analyst role, Erin was prepared. “My science degree meant that I could translate ‘science’ to others in the business and look at data and deriving stories which others can understand.”
Erin’s advice for prospective students is that a science degree can lead to many different opportunities. “A science degree doesn’t mean that you have to work in science for the rest of your life. While it’s a good place to start, a science degree teaches you a way of thinking that will be invaluable for the rest of your career.”
Bachelor of Science; Master of Science
Entomology Technician, Ministry for Primary Industries
Bede McCarthy attended Lincoln High School, and knowing that Lincoln University was nearby, he investigated the offerings and opportunities of the Ecology department, and found it to be a good fit for his interests. Bede wasn’t disappointed.
He gained knowledge in “a broad range of practical laboratory and field techniques, and concise communication, both written and spoken”. He also enjoyed the close interaction amongst staff and students.
“Close interaction with the CRIs (Crown Research Institutes) at Lincoln led to several short-term and part-time jobs during and after my studies. This work gave me the contacts and experience that helped me get the permanent, full-time position I now have.”
Bede reiterates his own success in offering advice to potential students of Lincoln University:
“Gain as much practical experience as you can, working on projects other than your own. These can be projects from staff members, other students or those involved at the CRIs. Also don’t skip on the core skills of writing, presenting and analysing data.”


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