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The sport and recreation field provides New Zealand with more than $1 billion in productivity gains and health benefits.

Our approach

If you want to turn your love of sport into a rewarding career, we can help to get you there. The sport and recreation industry is a great sector to get into, with an estimated market value of more than $5 billion. 
Our programmes in this area provide a broad understanding of sport and recreation theory and practice, along with event planning and recreation policy.
We have an established track record for meeting the demands of the sector and will introduce you to a range of industry contacts to get your career off to a flying start.


Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management
Community Sports Advisor, Sport Canterbury
Tammy Mehrtens was able to turn her love of sport and fitness into her dream career by studying at Lincoln University.
“I have always played sports and had an interest in health and fitness – and the university has such a great reputation in the industry.”
Tammy says she particularly enjoyed the practical, hands-on aspect of the programme. “I loved getting out there – running events, volunteering for organisations and meeting people who you would ideally be working with in the industry.
Having those contacts is really important and is one of the reasons I landed this position. I love my job and I really enjoy this industry.”
As community sports advisor, Tammy works alongside clubs and schools, helping to deliver and promote appropriate sport opportunities.
“My time at Lincoln was very positive – I learned so much and discovered opportunities for my future. I met a lot of great people and had access to fantastic lecturers and support staff.”
Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management
Sports Management Consultant, Matter of Sport
Jenn Halliday received a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Management from Lincoln University in 2013 and now works as a sports management consultant. Originally from Vancouver in Canada, she searched for recreation programmes at universities all over the world before settling on Lincoln.
“I was so delighted to find a course near Christchurch,” she says. “I had spent time there when the February earthquake hit, and I fell in love with the people and the city.” Jenn says the Lincoln course was perfect, as she wanted a degree that would lead her into managing sport and recreation, rather than delivering it.
“There were some good programmes around the world, but Lincoln had an excellent international reputation and I knew its small size would mean I was seen as a student, not a number. The programme had all of the components I was looking for and it’s beautiful in Christchurch!” Jenn says the lecturers were passionate about the industry and willing to discuss a variety of topics outside of class.
“This is the benefit of a small university. I can ask a lecturer out for a coffee and have a profound and engaging conversation that goes beyond the classroom curriculum. “Informal mentoring is natural for the lecturers at Lincoln, because they care about their students so much.”

Career outcomes

Community Engagement Advisor
Community Sports Advisor
Conference Manager
Health Promotion Specialist
High Performance Coach
Injury Prevention Specialist
Outdoor Instructor
Park Ranger/Field Worker
Parks, Sports and Recreation Planner
Policy Analyst
Activities Coordinator
Project Manager
Recreation Coordinator
Regional Development Manager
Risk Assessment Officer
Schools Sports Advisor
Sport Development Officer
Sport Management Consultant
Sports Facility Manager
Sports Instructor
Sports Programme Manager
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Recreation Guide


If you want to develop your sporting ability to a professional level while gaining a world-class qualification, consider applying for our comprehensive sports scholarship programme.

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