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Receive all the training you need to make a difference in the fast-growing tourism industry.



We can help you to meet the increasing demand for university graduates with a specialised understanding of the tourism industry’s requirements.
Tourism is an exciting, rapidly-growing sector that contributes to 15% of the country’s total export earnings.
Our programme is designed in consultation with industry, so you can count on being well prepared for employment after graduating and gaining valuable contacts to advance your career.
We will provide you with management training and offer a broad comprehension of the sector at all levels so you can hit the ground running when you have finished your studies.


Bachelor of Tourism Management
Marketing and Promotions Consultant, Cirrus International
Elizabeth graduated with a Bachelor of Tourism Management and is now the Marketing and Promotions Consultant at Cirrus International – a tourism, marketing and event management organisation she co-founded.
Cirrus contracts to a number of organisations, including Selwyn District Council, and Elizabeth works with tourism operators, travel agents, local tourism organisations and community groups, promoting Selwyn District to a range of visitors.
“I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Lincoln University. I knew I wanted to be involved in the tourism industry, but the degree programme I mapped out also gave me the opportunity to specialise in marketing, which I could use in any industry.
“The way the degree was structured gave me the opportunity to work in the real world and interact in the industry – it’s not just textbooks at Lincoln.”
Bachelor of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management; Bachelor of Science (Conservation and Ecology); Master of Applied Science
Entomology Research Leader, Scion
Stephen Pawson attended Inglewood High School, and was initially drawn to Lincoln University to study for the Bachelor of Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management. While he was studying, he discovered an interest in conservation and ecology and opted to conjointly study a Bachelor of Science.
“The conjoint programme was very valuable, in that it gave huge breadth to my undergraduate studies, which has given me many skills to draw on in my current career.”
Stephen furthered his study at Lincoln University with a Master of Applied Science, following which he pursued a PhD. He landed as an Entomology Research Leader with Scion, where he manages a research team working on forest pest species.
Reflecting on the importance of Lincoln University’s “small and intimate” campus, Stephen recommends that students experience the culture by living in Lincoln, or nearby. It is something he regrets not doing. 

Lincoln University website redevelopment project 2014
Nick Goodey - C# back end and SharePoint Developer
Star Chen - Web Developer
Karaitiana Taiuru - Web Developer SharePoint administrator
Ting Wu - Front end Developer
Jeremy Baker - Senior managment
Tafflyn Bradford-James Marketing director
Richard Corby - Project manager
Pikselin - primary partner, web designers, UX design