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Learn about the hire and return of regalia for the graduation ceremony.


Learn about the hire and return of regalia for the graduation ceremony.

If you attend the graduation ceremony you must wear regalia (academic dress) there is no set dress code for the day but most graduands and guests choose to wear smart, semi-formal daywear.

Regalia hire

How do I hire my regalia?

You hire your regalia for the Graduation Ceremony when you apply online to graduate. The correct regalia to suit your qualification will be ordered on your behalf from the New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women. Graduands will wear the gown, trencher/bonnet and hood, appropriate to the degree being awarded. Those who will be receiving an undergraduate Diploma will wear the undergraduate diploma gown. Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate recipients will wear a gown, trencher, and a Lincoln University grey hood.

What if I am receiving two qualifications?

If you are receiving two qualifications you need only hire one set of regalia. You will not have time to change your regalia on the day during the ceremony. You will typically wear the regalia for the higher qualification you will be receiving. Email the Graduations Office at if you have questions or concerns.

How much does it cost?

The regalia hire cost will be either $90 or $70 depending on your qualification, and this hire cost includes a $20 deposit which is refunded when you return your gown.

When and how do I make payment?

Payment of regalia hire must be made before Thursday 8 March 2019. You will be given detailed information on the different payment options when you complete your online application. You accept regalia hire as part of the application process and then you can either make an immediate credit card payment online or have an invoice emailed to you by Finance - which you can then pay by either online banking, cheque, or in person at the University cashier's desk.

Regalia pickup

Where and when do I pick up my regalia

You must collect your regalia the day before graduation from the New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women premises at 9 Creyke Road, Ilam, Christchurch on Thursday 2 May between 8.15am to 5.30pm. View the location of 9 Creyke Road on google maps.

What to do if you can't pick your regalia up yourself

If you are unable to collect your regalia yourself, please arrange for someone to do this for you - the person collecting on your behalf will need to know:

* Your name and student ID number.
* The degree, diploma or certificate you are being awarded
* Your height
* Your trencher/bonnet size, i.e. your head circumference.

Emergency contact

If an emergency occurs and you are unable to collect (or return) your regalia, please contact the New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women directly on +64 3 364 3590.

Returning your regalia and receiving your deposit back

Returning your regalia

Regalia must be returned to Te Keke Ika - Food and Function Centre on campus by 1.30pm for the morning ceremony and by 5.00pm for the afternoon ceremony. Your co-operation in returning regalia on time is essential.

Receiving your deposit back

When you sign the register and return your regalia you will receive a $20 refund in cash. Please note that your $20.00 deposit for regalia will only be refunded providing the regalia is returned on time and has been looked after appropriately.

If a regalia item gets wet, damaged or spoiled please report it immediately to the New Zealand Federation of Graduate Women who will determine the best remedy to preserve the regalia in good condition.

What to wear on the day

Graduation is a formal celebration of your academic achievement so please dress appropriately. There is no set dress code but most graduands and guests choose to wear smart, semi-formal daywear with their regalia. Photos taken on the day of yourself with family and friends will be a precious memento of this occasion and looked at in many years to come.

Wear comfortable but smart shoes
Wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking and standing, and you will need to go up and down stairs when you cross the stage to receive your award. The procession is about a 30 minute walk from the University to the Lincoln Event Centre. If you are planning to wear heels please consider a low heel, and this is not the day to break in new shoes. Sneakers are not appropriate footwear.

Dress for the weather
Dress to your comfort level and layers are key. April - May in Canterbury could mean anything from a bright sunny day to rain with a cold wind.

Be prepared
Graduation gowns do not have pockets so please arrange for someone to carry items for you (eg, wallet, camera, keys, mobile phone).

How to wear your regalia

Wearing of the Lincoln University degree gown
The wearing of the gown is straightforward, it is left open in front to show your clothes beneath. Slippery fabrics are best avoided.

Draping of the hood
The hood can be difficult to keep in place. It is held in position by a neckband that joins the two sides together at the neck. The neckband V is anchored mid-chest to a button under your tie or held by a pin. The hood is draped correctly when the coloured lining is showing on the left shoulder and covered on the right shoulder.

Watch the video on how to wear regalia

Embellishing your regalia
Embellishing with garments of honour from your cultural tradition, such as a tribal or family korowai, ta’ovala or corsage is perfectly acceptable. The korowai is worn over the gown and beneath the academic hood.

Academic Dress - the tradition

In keeping with English universities, those in New Zealand have a system of academic dress which is worn by graduates to indicate their degree.  The Lincoln University undergraduate Diploma gown is black with green facings. 

Gowns for Lincoln University degrees, except for doctorates, are black.  The Lincoln University PhD gown is black with blue facings, while for higher doctorates the gowns are red with facings of blue (Doctor of Science), gold (Doctor of Commerce) or green (Doctor of Natural Resources).

At Lincoln University the different hood colours denote the different degrees:

Qualification Colour
Bachelor of Agriculture, Bachelor of Agricultural Science,  Bachelor of Agricultural Science (Hons), Master of Agricultural Science Emerald green
Bachelor of Horticulture, Bachelor of Horticultural Science, Bachelor of Horticultural Science (Hons), Master of Horticultural Science Pea green
Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science (Hons), Master of Science, Master of Applied Science and Master of Water Resource Management Ultramarine
Bachelor of Commerce and Management, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce (Hons). Master of Commerce and Management  Indian yellow
Bachelor of Commerce (Ag), Master of Commerce (Ag), Bachelor of Commerce (VPM), Bachelor of Commerce (T&L), Bachelor of Commerce (H&IM), Bachelor of Commerce (Forestry), Bachelor of Commerce (Food Industry), Master of Property Studies, Master of Professional Studies Spectrum orange
Bachelor of Sports and Recreation Management, Bachelor of Sports and Recreation Management (Hons), Master of Sports and Recreation Management  Neyron rose
Bachelor of Tourism Management, Bachelor of Tourism Management (Hons), Master of Tourism Management Dusty pink
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Hons), Master of Landscape Architecture Chartreuse yellow
Bachelor of Environmental Management, Bachelor of Environmental Management and Policy, Bachelor of Environmental Policy and Planning (Hons), Master of Resource Studies Mauve
Master of International Rural Development - Tourism specialisation Mauve
Master of International Rural Development - Agribusiness, Economics or Finance specialisations Indian Yellow
Master of Natural Resource Management and Environmental Engineering Violet
Bachelor of Software and Information Technology, Bachelor of Software and Information Technology (Hons), Master of Software and Information Technology  Turquiose
Bachelor of Social Science, Bachelor of Social Science (Hons), Master of Social Science Cherry red
Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology, Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology (Hons)  Champagne
Ph.D Ultramarine and Indian yellow
Undergraduate Diploma Black gown with emerald green facings
Postgraduate Diploma and Certificates Lincoln grey