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Regional Diploma

Learn while you earn with our Regional Diploma Programme.

Regional Diploma

Learn while you earn with our Regional Diploma Programme.

The regional diploma programme is designed for part-time study. It provides a pathway to a variety of qualifications.

Each course you complete will earn you a Certificate of Proficiency. Completion of all eight introductory courses, along with the mandatory Practical Work requirement, entitles you to your Diploma in Agriculture or Horticulture, or you can go on to study for your Diploma in Farm Management or Horticultural Management.

Students who complete the diploma programme may be awarded credits towards bachelor degree programmes.

The diploma programme is offered over two 12-week semesters each year.

Courses are delivered as a series of learning modules. The material is supported by face-to-face tutorials run by regionally based learning co-ordinators who are usually farm or horticultural consultants.

Will there be much hands-on work?
If you only want to gain a Certificate in Proficiency, there is no practical work requirement.

You must, however, complete 12 weeks of approved practical work to complete the requirements for either the Diploma in Agriculture or Diploma in Horticulture.

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