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New and returning students can apply to study online starting here. Lincoln is a great place to study at a world class land based agricultural university

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When you come to Lincoln, you become part of something special. Certain qualities rub off and stay with you for life. Qualities that make you think of the future, roll your sleeves up and do something about it. We call it the Lincoln Effect. We’re not exaggerating when we say ‘the world needs Lincoln, the world needs you’. There’s only one university like us, and only one you. So be part of the Lincoln Effect and get yourself here.


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Lincoln University new Zealand online enrolment. Do you want to apply to study? Then this page is the start point which will help you with your application. If you need to to enrol at Lincoln you have come to the right place. To help you with this process see Online Application Help which will show how the process works and explain the workflow and what pages you will see during your application. 在林肯網上報名

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How to study at Lincoln University

Decide what to study
Talk to our Student Liaison Team to help work out what's right for you.

Apply to study
Send us your completed application form, or apply online. Then:

  1. Lincoln University will assess your application
  2. You should receive a conditional offer of admission
  3. You may need to supply additional documentation
  4. You can check your application status at any time in your Student Centre in LUCAS

Once you are admitted, use LUCAS to accept the admission offer. Then:

  1. Within LUCAS complete the items in your To Do List
  2. Select courses using course planning information or by contacting academic staff for advice
  3. Pay your fees
  4. Register


  1. Collect your ID card from the Library
  2. Attend orientation events and meet students from around the world!

Please note -  postgraduate students please contact your Faculty Administrator for orientation information.

There are literally hundreds of grants, allowances and scholarships available to students at all stages of study.

Student Loans & Allowances
If you are studying full time, you may be be eligible for a student allowance to help meet living costs.

Study Options
From one semester certificates, through Bachelor degrees, to multiyear PhDs we've got an option that suits you.

You may choose to live at home, share an apartment/flat or live on-campus  in the Halls of Residence.

The amount you pay, will depend on your enrolment, and is calculated on the courses you select.

Study & Living Costs
Your costs will consist of tuition fees, study costs (field trips, textbooks) and living expenses.

Guide For Parents
The things your parents and care givers will want to know

Introduction for International Students

International students

What it's like at Lincoln
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Studying at Lincoln is different

Great reasons to choose a specialist university

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