What's great about Lincoln University?

Hands on learning that employers love
Hands-on-learning is one of the strengths of Lincoln University qualifications and a major reason why Lincoln University graduates and diplomates move so easily into employment.

Employers value the breadth and depth of knowledge that this experience provides and constantly rate Lincoln University highly.

Lincoln University maintains excellent relations with employers in a wide range of industries.

Smaller class size
We're smaller which means you count. You're not just a number, here students come first. Our classes are smaller. We have a low student to lecturer ratio which means more personalised attention for our students

Our lecturers have an 'open door policy'. That means they are always on hand to discuss projects and essays or clarify a lecture topic.

The size of the University makes it very easy to make friends

Field trips
At Lincoln University we believe in practical applied learning. To that end, a large number of our courses have field trip components, so it is highly likely that during your university career you will go on one.

You could visit anything from a business, vineyard, forest or some other place where you can see the applications of the work you study.

Page last updated on: 12/11/2013