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Harassment and bullying of any kind are not tolerated at Lincoln University.

Ethical Behaviour and Harassment

Although an accusation of harassment is serious, you are entitled to make one if someone’s behaviour is making you feel unsafe, insecure or humiliated.

What is harassment?
Harassment is physical, verbal or visual conduct that is unwelcome, uninvited, unwarranted or offensive. 

It might include:

* Offensive Language
* Racist comments or ridicule
* Suggestive remarks about your personal life
* Leering, touching or pinching
* Offensive printed material
* Abuse of power to humiliate.

However, harassment is not:

* Occasional compliments
* Behaviour based on mutual attraction
* Developing friendships, sexual or otherwise, between consenting adults.

What you can do?
Lincoln University has a three tier procedure for dealing with harassment:

* You can talk over your concern with people trained to hear your complaint promptly and in strict confidence. They can help you decide on what action (if any) to take. E.g. you might then talk to the person on your own or with a friend
* You can ask for mediation. This is an opportunity to talk the issue through using trained mediators, with a view to resolving the dispute
In a very serious case you may request a Vice-Chancellor's investigation.

Why should you act?
Taking action makes it clear that harassment is not acceptable. Your action may prevent it happening again to you or to someone else.

Who can you talk to?
If you have a concern and you're unsure about what to do, a list of people who can listen and provide information is displayed on notice boards around campus, or you can use the following links:

* HR Ethical Behaviour Committee Contacts
* HR Ethical Behaviour Policy

Details can also be obtained from the Lincoln University Students’ Association office, the main reception desk, and Student Health and Support. 

Want more information?
Contact the Ethical Behaviour Co-ordinator
Student Health and Support reception
Phone: 325 3835

Ethical Behaviour Committee Contacts

{Ethical Behaviour Committee Contacts}

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