Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme

The New Zealand Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme develops emerging agribusiness leaders to help shape the future of New Zealand agribusiness and rural affairs.

Through residential workshops, seminars and personal study over an 11 month period, up to twenty men and women who live and work in rural New Zealand meet to:

  • Develop solid leadership skills
  • Build the confidence to take the next big step in business, professional development, politics, industry governance or community service,
  • Learn how political, cultural, social, economic and physical forces impact on New Zealand agribusiness
  • Enhance self awareness and awareness of the external environment; and
  • Establish networks with leaders from New Zealand and beyond.

Lincoln University has been involved with this leaders programme since 1979 when it was launched with a grant from the Kellogg Foundation, USA. The University recognised that leadership would be a critical factor in the future performance of primary production in New Zealand. The course was an immediate success and past Kellogg participants have demonstrated the positive benefits of the course through their leadership positions in New Zealand and elsewhere in the world today. The current sponsors of the Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme are Beef+Lamb New Zealand, DairyNZ, Deer Industry New Zealand, Pipfruit New Zealand and Zespri International. 

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Comments from previous participants

"I had wanted to attend the Kellogg Rural Leader’s Programme for a number of years because of the consistent, positive image it has in the wider rural community.  It was always going to be challenging and so I waited until I could get the maximum benefit from the process.
I attended when I was transitioning from deputy chair to chairman of a utility board. The programme provided me with many insights into how I operated in these roles, how I could improve as well as where my strengths in leadership lay.
Communication techniques, self reflection and networking are three major areas of the course that have had a positive impact on my work. An added benefit is the respect this course, and alumni, have within the industry.
The Kellogg Rural Leaders programme requires discipline, commitment and the willingness of participants to be pushed out of comfort zones. Those prepared for this ride, will gain many benefits to their professional careers and personal achievements."
Clare Kearney, Company Chairman

"I was fortunate to be part of the 2009 Kellogg programme. The programme certainly found, tested and pushed us beyond our comfort zones but at the same time taught us the skills and techniques, to manage in these situations.
Being in an environment with the opportunity to question, discuss and debate issues and opportunities with a wide variety of industry leaders, politicians and fellow participants is certainly a unique experience. The Kellogg experience will leave you with the skills, knowledge and desire to take the lead.
When dealing with and managing people, understanding the different learning styles and the preferred communication styles, learnt through Kellogg’s has been a real asset.
The Kellogg network has been and will continue to be a huge help to me in my roles. The contacts made and the contacts and knowledge they lead to are huge and widespread and have proved invaluable to me on many occasions.

I would strongly recommend applying for the opportunity Kellogg’s offers."

Boyd Macdonald, General Manager, Lone Star Farms Ltd

" Everything that happens during the Kellogg year is designed to test, teach, challenge and expand your potential. The effort you put into the process is equivalent to what you take away. Kellogg's enabled me to learn and apply appropriate research techniques and be supported academically during this process. The research project I undertook was the genesis of further work and research that led to the formation of the Agri-Women's Development Trust. Two of my fellow Kelloggers have been involved as Trustees, and members of my cohort year have provided ongoing support. At a recent meeting, a fellow director said of me "This girl doesn't know what a closed door means." It wasn't a comment on my tenaciousness; it was the Kellogg process in action. How to open doors, communicate and start engaging in an effective, respectful way that allows both parties to advance.'  
Lindy Nelson, Founder-Executive Director Agri-Women's Development Trust 

"I was lucky enough to be part of the 2006 Kellogg’s group. As well as meeting a great bunch of people the Kellogg’s experience gave me the confidence to stand up and be counted. The rural sector needs more people to take leadership roles, more people to speak for the economic powerhouse of this economy. Many of the people I now work with are Kellogg Alumni."                                                                                Bruce Wills, President, Federated Farmers                                                                                                                                                 

"Undoubtedly the greatest benefit of the Kellogg Rural Leadership programme has been the people I have met and the contacts I have made.
The Kellogg network is strong and well-recognised within the rural community and I have found being a “Kellogger” has opened doors and provided opportunities that might not otherwise have been there.   
On a personal level, the programme has also given me the tools and confidence to step up and take on leadership roles within the agricultural industry.      
Sandra Taylor, Agricultural journalist, Co-founder of  Farming for Our Future

Living on a farm and working in a rural health centre, I did wonder how Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme would benefit me personally and professionally. The programme gave me the confidence to step up and ‘have a go’; to be tenacious and turn obstacles into opportunities. I have developed a successful business in primary health, which, until the Kellogg programme in 2004, was little more than an idea. Impact Health NZ Ltd became a reality, delivering a range of Workplace Health and Wellness Programmes. The Kellogg’s Rural Leaders Programme was, for me, about being challenged, understanding the importance of systems, innovative ideas, networking and making some lifelong friendships. I cannot thank my sponsor enough for encouraging me to apply.”
Katherine Archer, Impact Health NZ Ltd

"Attending the Programme in 2001 was an experience that added greatly to my research and presentation skills. The interaction of the group was brilliant for discussions on a wide variety of topics. For the first time in my career, I had real contact with people outside my own industry and realised that rural New Zealanders share many similar issues." 
Barbara Kuriger, Fonterra Shareholders Council

"A tentative application to attend the 1983 Kellogg programme has been the best investment for personal development and satisfaction that I have made. It has led to a 15 year involvement in the governance of the New Zealand dairy industry. My confidence was inspired by John Pryde. If you have a passion for a cause and have common sense, this programme is for you.“
Doug Leeder, Chair, Dairy Insight

My project for the 1994 Kellogg Rural Leaders Programme was the initial business plan for Racewell Industries Ltd. This provided the business with a benchmark for measuring success in an agribusiness venture. The Kellogg programme also provided me with the proposal-writing skills that aided in our success in the Business Excellence Awards in Innovation (2004) and Manufacturing (2005). Building on that initial plan has charted the way forward for our business, and assisted in getting us to the forefront of manufacturing livestock-handling systems sold in New Zealand and overseas.”
Carol Fagan, Racewell Ltd







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