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  • International

    undergraduate or postgraduate level.
  • Study Abroad and Exchange Programme

    undergraduate and postgraduate students who meet Lincoln University’s admission requirements.
  • In person - 2015 Graduation Ceremonies

    undergraduate diplomas: Farm Management; Agriculture; Horticultural Management;  Horticulture; Applied Science; Commerce, Maori Studies; Natural Resources; Social Science; Software & Information Technology.
  • Regalia - hire, wear and return

    Undergraduate Diploma – wear the undergraduate diploma gown, unless you have previously graduated.
  • Student Support Network

    Undergraduate Team Leader, Student Administration Extension: 30047 Ground Floor, George Forbes Memorial Building see No.
  • Faculty of Agribusiness and Commerce

    undergraduate diplomas to PhD.
  • Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences

    undergraduate certificates and diplomas, through undergraduate degrees to postgraduate programmes.
  • Department of Ecology

    undergraduate and postgraduate level into the academic programmes of the University.
  • Department of Wine, Food and Molecular Biosciences

    undergraduate and postgraduate levels, and involved in a wide range of research projects.
  • Department of Soil and Physical Sciences

    undergraduate and postgraduate soil-related courses, and many physical science courses including first and second year undergraduate chemistry and physics.
  • Department of Informatics and Enabling Technologies

    undergraduate level students are equipped with transferable computing knowledge and skills.
  • Department of Environmental Management

    undergraduate and postgraduate degrees to prepare students for positions of responsibility in environmental management, policy, and planning, and environmental research, in the public and the private sector at the local, regional, national and international level.
  • Domestic tuition fees

    Undergraduate Degrees Programme 2015 tuition fee for those students enrolled in 120 credits before 27 February 2015* Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing $5,500 Bachelor of Agricultural Science $6,100 Bachelor of Agriculture $6,100 Bachelor of Commerce - all majors $5,200 Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture) $6,000 Bachelor of Commerce (VPM) (continuing students only) $5,400 Bachelor of Environment and Society - all majors $5,300 ...
  • International tuition fees

    Undergraduate course $3,200 Certificate of 40 credits $8,400 Certificate of 60 credits $12,500 Certificate of 120 credits $25,000 Diploma of 120 credits $25,000 Undergraduate Degrees including Honours Programme Tuition fee Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing $26,000 Bachelor of Agricultural Science $27,000 Bachelor of Agriculture $27,000 Bachelor of Commerce - all majors $25,000 Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture) $26,000 Bachelor of Environment and ...
  • Poutama Whenua

    undergraduate and postgraduate degrees (levels 7-9).
  • Brochures and Publications

  • Qualifications

    undergraduate degrees at Lincoln.
  • Entry Requirements

    undergraduate degree.
  • Department of Agribusiness and Markets

    undergraduate level, staff in the Department teach courses covering all aspects of marketing, and courses that specialise in food and agribusiness value chains.
  • Glossary

    undergraduate degree normally requiring three or four years  study.
  • Lincoln University Farms

    undergraduate scholarships.
  • Fees and Tuition

    undergraduate qualification.
  • Contact Us

    undergraduate study, contact us.
  • English Language Requirements

    Undergraduate Degrees and Matriculant Diplomas 6.
  • Agriculture Life Sciences

  • Lucerne Research

    undergraduate students, Cherie McGaveston, prepared a literature review on flushing/mating sheep on lucerne.
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