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  • Māori Students

    Nau mai, Haere mai, welcome to Lincoln University, New Zealand’s specialist land-based university.
  • Pasifika Students

    Kia Orana, Talofa Lava, Kia Ora, Malo e lelei, Nisa Bula Vinaka, Fakaalofa Lahi Atu, Taloha ni, Fakatalofa atu, Halo oloketa.
  • Regalia - hire, wear and return

    This section covers your regalia - hire, wear and return.
  • Tickets, photos, parking and tips for family and friends or graduands

    Below is some information about tickets, photos, parking and tips for your family and friends, to ensure you make the most of this special day.
  • International Student Support

    At Lincoln we have students from around 60 different countries on campus, and we're committed to ensuring a supportive, rewarding environment for all.
  • Māori Student Support

    Lincoln University is a great place for Māori students to study, with Māori support services on hand to help when required.
  • Sustainability

    Key to all that Lincoln University does is an awareness of, and care for, the environment.
  • Partners

    It is important to Lincoln University to work collaboratively with partners to ensure our research remains relevant to the needs of industry.
  • Performance Based Research Fund

    Lincoln University gets some of its research funding from the Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF).
  • Human Ethics Committee

    The role of the Human Ethics Committee is to ensure that all research at Lincoln University that involves human participants meets established ethical standards.
  • Liaison Office

    If you have a particular area of interest, give us a call and we can arrange for one of our lecturers to come and teach in your school.
  • Recruitment Process

    Lincoln has a vigorous recruitment process to ensure that the right person is recruited for the University and to ensure that Lincoln is the right place for the applicant.
  • Living in Lincoln, New Zealand

    Working for Lincoln may mean a move here from outside the region or even from overseas.
  • Field trips and tours

    Some courses have field trips/tours associated with them.
  • Accommodation fees

    Find out how much it's going to cost for the different on-campus accommodation options.
  • Key people

    Here's a list of Lincoln's key researchers in this area.
  • Postgraduate opportunities

    Want to study with us: find out about upcoming research topics and what our current students are studying in this field.
  • International student tuition refund policy

    A refund fee of NZ$500, including GST, will be charged to all international students who request a tuition fee refund as a result of a semester cancellation or withdrawal, or transferal to another educational institution, no later than 21 days after the first day of a full semester or five days after the start of English Language Programmes or Summer School.
  • Poutama Whenua

    Poutama Whenua is Lincoln University’s pathway for Māori students considering a Lincoln University qualification.
  • Centre for Food Research and Innovation

    The Centre for Food Research and Innovation (CFRI) is a multi-departmental and institutional centre of food science excellence.
  • Lincoln University Centre for International Development

    The Lincoln University Centre for International Development (LUCID) conducts research and research-based consulting that advances international development.
  • Centre for Land, Environment and People

    The Centre for Land, Environment and People (LEaP) aims to enhance the economic, environmental and social sustainability of societies.
  • Centre for Wildlife Management and Conservation

    The Centre for Wildlife Management and Conservation (CWMC) vision is for increased recovery of native biodiversity.
  • Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation

    The Isaac Centre for Nature Conservation (ICNC) was established in 1999 to build on and focus the extensive skills and scholarship of Lincoln University staff for research, teaching and vocational training in nature conservation.
  • OneFarm, the Centre of Excellence in Farm Business Management

    OneFarm is a joint venture between Massey and Lincoln Universities, made possible by the support and funding of DairyNZ and the Primary Growth Partnership.
  • Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management

    The Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management was established in 2009 as a joint partnership between Canterbury and Lincoln Universities.
  • Entry Requirements

    Find out what is needed to join us at Lincoln for postgraduate study.
  • Energy technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

    There are many proposed technical solutions for reducing green house gas (GHG) emissions. These solutions typically allow current energy demand patterns to continue. Such technologies are often in the research or prototype stage, but are often used in future projections that result in GHG reductions.
  • Peak Oil Think Tank

    Peak Oil Think Tank In recent years there has been growing and well-founded concern that the world is reaching (or has already) ‘peak’ or ‘plateau’ of global oil production. The global economy, countries (including New Zealand), and sectors have thrived on the back of cheap oil. Increases in global oil prices or long term shortfalls will affect the world we live in
  • Agents and Semantic Agents

    Semantic Agent involved in the project ...
  • Human Aspects of Computing

    Customisation of Web Content for Desktop and Mobile Device ...
  • Spatial Yield (2007-2012)

    Project Overview ...
  • TRREC Projects

    Financial and Economic Yield in (Lincoln University) in partnership with the Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand and the Ministry of Tourism are undertaking a three year programme to develop tools to enhance the financial and economic yield from tourism.
  • Adaptation to Climate Change in New Zealand

    Preparing the Tourism Sector for Climate Change (2009-2012) -FRST funded Project ...
  • Environmental Footprint of the New Zealand Tourism Sector (2008)

    Project Leader: Prof. Caroline Susanne Barber, Agricultural Engineering Sorenson, Research Parsonson-Ensor
  • South Pacific Tourism and Climate Change

    for the Tourism Sector in Fiji ...
  • Publications

    Publications journals and are three types of LEaP publication, all intended to promote the dissemination of knowledge.
  • Contact us

    LEaP Research ...
  • Community involvement

    Community involvement LEaP researchers on editorial boards: ...
  • Disaster response and recovery

    Topics currently under investigation: ...
  • Reduction mitigation and adaption

    Topics under investigation: ...
  • Resources

    Resources ...
  • Pastoral Support

    It doesn’t matter what religious faith you may have, or whether you have any religious faith at all, the University chaplains are there to lend an ear and provide guidance, help, or support for whatever you need.
  • Disability Support

    The team at Inclusive Education want to make your student experience as easy as possible.
  • Health Services

    You can make an appointment with the Student Health and Support Centre for any of the same reasons you would see your health provider at home.
  • Glossary

    Glossary Administration Committee University authority that administers the regulations on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor and the Academic Board. The AAC grants admission, confirms courses of study, awards credits, confirms grades and considers applications for special consideration..
  • Lincoln Hub

    The Lincoln Hub is a collaboration between research, education and industry that will transform the productivity and performance of New Zealand and the world’s primary sector.
  • Lincoln University Farms

    Lincoln University has traditionally owned and managed a variety of farm properties in its portfolio for four key reasons.
  • Enrolment Terms and Conditions

    Lincoln University collects and stores information from this application to comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education Commission and where appropriate, Work and Income New Zealand and the New Zealand Immigration Service.
  • International student loans

    Below is a list of international student loans available.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Check out our list of frequently asked questions, broken down into categories for you.
  • Bachelor Degree Admission Requirements

    The entrance requirements for students from other countries include: ...
  • Postgraduate Students

    View our current and previous postgraduate students.
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