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Ann Brower

PhD, MA (University of California, Berkeley), MFS (Yale), BA (Pomona College)

Ann Brower

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Faculty of Environment, Society and Design

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Academic and Professional Background

Ann Brower is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Policy in the Department of Environmental Management at Lincoln University. She holds a PhD in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management from the University of California Berkeley. She also holds Masters degrees in Forest Science from Yale University, and Political Science from the University of California Berkeley. Her specialty is environmental policy, especially as it relates to state-owned lands and natural resources in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Her theoretical interests lie in land policy -- at the intersection of property law, economics, and political science. She is the author of Who owns the high country? (Craig Potton Publishing, 2008), stimulating a national debate about the on-going South Island land reform that is transforming the landscapes of the Southern Alps. Borrowing from Wildavsky (1973), her book aims to uncover how great expectations in Wellington were dashed in Wanaka. She has published in numerous journals, including the Georgetown International Environmental Law Review, Conservation Letters, Environmental Law Reporter, NZ Journal of Ecology, and Land Economics.

Current Research and Publications / Selected Publications

Current research interests:
  • Comparing New Zealand pastoral land reform with proposed pastoral land reforms in Australia (especially Western Australia), and possibly to other countries.
  • Comparing the above Australasian policies to possible futures for US Western public lands.
  • Hedonic modelling of open-market freehold land sales prices resulting from NZ pastoral land reform.
  • With the above hedonic modelling, I’d like to combine all the available spatial data about this land under reform to observe how NZ values its ecosystem services.
  • Time series analysis of Crown pastoral land sales prices resulting from 21 years of NZ land reform.
  • The importance of studying environmental policy outcomes:  Discourse analysis of what successive Governments said they were doing vs. the quantitative results of what they did.
  • Exploring the intersections and disconnects between ecosystem services and property rights.
  • Comparing health costs associated with the Christchurch earthquakes, to the modelled costs of retrofitting to various levels of seismic resistance, to the value of the built environment itself.

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Brower, A., C. Reedy, and J.Yelin-Kefer. (2001). "Consensus versus Conservation in the Upper Colorado River Basin Recovery Implementation Program." Conservation Biology 15(4): 1001-1007. 

Reports and Miscellany
Brower, A. 2006. “Interest groups, vested interests, and the myth of apolitical administration: The politics of land tenure reform in New Zealand’s high country.” Report to Fulbright-New Zealand. 102 pages.

Brower, A. 2004. “Administering Fun: Balancing Provision and Management in Forest Service Response to the Growth and Diversification of Recreation.” PhD Dissertation. University of California, Berkeley. Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management. Supervisor: Sally Fairfax.



Ann is currently supervising the following students:

  • Hinshelwood, A. (PhD) Buried in paper: archaeological policy, archaeological practice, and indigenous interests in Ontario, Canada and New Zealand.
  • Poudyal, S. (MSocSc) How does Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) approach materialise 'Country Ownership' in policy design? A case study of Nepal. 

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