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Professor in Accounting and Finance

Christopher Gan

BA (NCarolina) MS (Indiana State) PhD (Louisiana State)

Christopher Gan

Contact Details

Faculty of Commerce

Location C118
Phone +64 3 4230227
Extension 30227

Currently Teaching

Semester 1:
FINC 603 Commercial Banking
ECON 615 Applied Research Methods
Semester 2:
ECON 611 Financial Macroeconomics
Head of Group, Finance.
Director, Lincoln University Centre for International Development (LUCID).
Adjunct Professor, Agriculture International, Faculty of Agriculture, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Academic and Professional Background

Professional Memberships

  • Gamma Sigma Delta, Honour Society of Agriculture Economics
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon, International Honour Society in Economics
  • Who's Who Among American Universities and Colleges

Editorial Board Member

  • Chief Editor, Review of Applied Economics (RAE)
  • Regional Editor, American Journal of Applied Sciences
  • Associate Editor, International Economic Finance Journal
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Education Economics and Development
  • Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Happiness and Development
  • Board Advisor, Single Global Currency Association, Newcastle, Maine, USA


  • Lincoln University Excellence in Teaching Award (2008)
  • Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award (2003)
  • Lincoln University Excellence in Teaching Award (Category: Sustained Excellence) (2002)
  • Lincoln University Special Achievement Award for Excellence in Teaching (1997)
  • Louisiana State University Outstanding International Alumnus (1999).

Current Research and Publications / Selected Publications

Commercial banking, micro-finance, rural finance, development economics, financial economics, and Asian economy.

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

Aditto, Satit, Christopher Gan and Gilbert Nartea, "Sources of Risk and Risk Management Strategies: The Case of Smallholder Farmers in a Developing Economy (Chapter 20)" in Nerija Banaitiene (ed) Risk Management - Current Issues and Challenges, Publisher: InTech, September 2012, pp. 449-473 (

Gan, Christopher, Shi Zhao Wang and Zhaohua Li. "Large Decline in Output Volatility: Evidence from China (Chapter 5)," in Yasuo Nishiyama (ed.) Monetary Ploicy: Roles, Forecasting and Effects, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., California, US, 2012, pp. 139-160.

Sun, Shuzhang, Christopher Gan and Baiding Hu, "The Role of Short-Term Interest Rates in China's Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism," in Yasuo Nishiyama (ed.) Interest Rates: Term Structure Models, Monetary Policy, and Prediction, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., California, US, 2012, pp. 87- 126.

Journal Articles

Gan, Christopher, Yuan Zhang, Zhaohua Li and David A. Cohen, "The Evolution of China's Banking System: Bank Loan Announcements 1996-2009", Accounting and Finance, (available @ http://doi:10.111/j.1467-629X.2012.00493.x, forthcoming 2013).

Gan, Christopher, Zhaohua Li, Weizhuo Wang, Betty Kao, "Credit Scoring in Mortgage Lending: Evidence from China", International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, Vol. 5 Iss: 4, 2012, pp. 334-350 (

Yu, Hao, Gilbert V. Nartea, Christopher Gan, Lee J. Yao, "Predictive Ability and Profitability of Simple Technical Trading Rules: Recent Evidence from Southeast Asian Stock Markets", International Review of Economics and Finance, No. 25, 2013, pp. 356-371 (

Sun, Shuzhang, Christopher Gan and Baiding Hu, "Evaluating McCallum rule as a policy guideline for China," Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy, Vol. 17, No. 3, August 2012, pp. 527-545.

Zhang, Yuan, Christopher Gan and Zhaohua Li, "Effects of Borrowers' Quality on the Size of Market Response to Bank Loan Announcements in China," Management Research Review 35 (5), 2012, pp. 379-404

Li, Xia, Christopher Gan and Baiding Hu, “Accessibility to Microcredit by Chinese Rural Households,” Journal of Asian Economics, 22, 2011, pp. 235–246.

Li, Xia, Christopher Gan and Baiding Hu, "The Impact of Microcredit on Women's Empowerment: Evidence from China," Journal of Chinese Economic & Business Studies, Volume 9, No 3, 2011, pp. 239-261.

Li, Xia, Christopher Gan and Baiding Hu, “The Welfare Impact of Microcredit on Rural Households in China,” Journal of Socio-Economics, No 40, 2011, pp. 404–411.

Karim, Shahnawaz, Minsoo Lee and Christopher Gan, "Price Effects of Monetary Policy: The Case of a Small Open Economy of New Zealand," Economic Analysis and Policy, Vol. 41 No.3, December 2011, pp. 253-271.

Chen, Carol Qing, Christopher Gan and Li Zhaohua, “An Empirical Analysis of the Effects of Market Response to Bank Loan Announcements in Hong Kong Stock Market,” Journal of Bank Regulation, Vol. 12, Issue 3, June 2011, pp. 210-226.

Clemes, Michael D, Christopher Gan, and Dongmei Zhang, "Customer Switching Behaviour in the Chinese Retail Banking Industry,” International Journal of Bank Marketing, Vol. 28 Issue No. 7, 2010, pp.519 – 546.

Sun, Shuzhang, Christopher Gan and Baiding Hu, “Bank lending Channel in China’s Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism: A VECM Approach” Investment Management and Financial Innovation, Volume 7, Issue 2, 2010, pp. 59-71

Guozhao, Li, Christopher Gan and Sirimon Treeponkaruna, "The Impact of Hedging Pressure on Implied Volatility in Financial Times and London Stock Exchange (FTSE) Market", International Journal of Business and Finance Research, Volume 3, No. 1, 2009, pp. 103-118.

Hue Hwa Au Yong, Gan, Christopher EC and Sirimon Treeponkaruna, "Cointegration and Causality in the Asian and Emerging Foreign Exchange Markets:  Evidence from the 1990s Financial Crisis".  International Review of Financial Analysis, Vol. 13, No. 4, January 2004, pp. 479-515.

Chan Kam Fong, Christopher Gan and Patricia A. McGraw.  "A Hedging Strategy for New Zealand s Exporters in Transaction Exposure to Currency Risk." Multinational Finance Journal, Vol. 7, No. 1 & 2, 2003, pp. 25-54.



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