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Associate Professor in Food Biochemistry

Geoffrey Savage

BSc (Hons), PhD (N'cle UK), FNZIFST, MRSNZ, NZ Registered Nutritionist, Visiting Professor, Department of Food Science, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden

Geoffrey Savage

Contact Details

Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Location RFH 080
Phone +64 3 423 0641
Extension 30641

Currently Teaching

  • BICH 103 Food and Health,
  • BICH 101 Food Quality and Consumer Acceptance.
  • BICH 334 Food Biochemistry,
  • BICH 104 Biochemistry I,
  • BICH 207 Biochemistry II.
  • BICH 606 Nutritional Biochemistry.
  • Course Advisor B.Com (Food Industry).

Academic and Professional Background

Member of:

  • NSNZ Council


  • President of the Nutrition Society of New Zealand
  • Council Member of the Royal Society of New Zealand
  • Editor of the Proceedings of the New Zealand Nutrition Society of New Zealand.

Editor of the Proceedings of the New Zealand Nutrition Society of New Zealand.


Current Research and Publications / Selected Publications

Measurement of secondary metabolites in plants such as oxalates and antioxidants and the effect of cooking and processing on the composition of foods consumed by humans.

Measurement of positive nutritional factors such as fatty acids and plant sterols that can be found in nuts and seeds and the stability of extracted oils from these products.

Recent research has led to the development of new food products that are now being marketed by local Canterbury companies.

Over 64 peer-reviewed articles, 23 book chapters and 70 proceedings papers.

Dahlgren, E.M., Savage, G.P. Reduction in oxalate content during the preparation of a traditional Tongan dessert. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment 5 (3&4): 29-31, 2007. 

Savage, G.P., Catherwood, D.J. Determination of oxalates in Japanese taro corms using an in vitro digestion assay. Food Chemistry 105: 383-388, 2007. 

Savage, G.P., Ritter, M.M.C. Soluble and insoluble oxalate content of nuts. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 20: 169-174, 2007. 

Heeb, A., Lunndegasrth, B., Ericsson, T. and Savage, G.P. Effects of nitrate-, ammonium-, and organic-nitrogen-based fertilisers on growth and yield of tomatoes.  Journal Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 168: 123-129, 2005.

Damarchi, S.A., Savage, G.P. and Dutta, P.C. Sterol fractions in hazelnut and virgin olive oils and 4,4-dimethylsterols as possible markers for detection of adulteration of virgin olive oil. Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society 82: 717-725, 2005.

Kerkhofs, N.S., Lister, C.E. and Savage, G.P. Change in colour and antioxidant content of tomato cultivars following forced-air drying. Plant Foods for Human Nutrition 60: 115-119, 2005. 

Toor, R.K., and Savage, G.P. Antioxidant activity in different fractions of tomatoes. Food Research International 38: 487-494, 2005.

Sahlin, E. G.P. Savage, G.P., Lister, C.E. Investigation of the antioxidant properties of tomatoes after processing. Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 17: 635-647, 2004.

Brogren, M., Savage, G.P. Bioavailability of soluble oxalate from spinach eaten with and without milk products. Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition 12(2): 219-224, 2003.

Sultana, T., Porter, N.G., Savage, G.P., McNeil, D.L. Comparison of isothiocyanate yield from wasabi rhizome tissues grown in soil or water. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 51: 3586-3591, 2003.


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