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Associate Professor in Animal Physiology

Graham Barrell

BSc DipSc PhD (Massey)

Graham Barrell

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Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Location JBB 015a
Phone +64 3 4230655
Extension 30655

Currently Teaching

Human and animal physiology to undergraduate classes.

Mammalian reproduction and endocrinology at graduate level.

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Academic and Professional Background


Current Research and Publications / Selected Publications

  • Mammalian reproduction
  • Endocrinology and its links with immunology
  • Deer lactation and antler biology
  • Climate stress in dairy cows
In particular:
  • The role of c-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) as a potential marker for disorders of bone growth in children with the Christchurch School of Medicine.
  • The role of CNP during pregnancy and in brain function.
  • The biology of lactation in red deer hinds and the hardening process in bones and antlers.
  • The effects of climate stress on thermoregulation in lactating dairy cows.

Eisert R, Oftedal O, Barrell G K. Milk composition in the Weddell seal Leptonychotes weddellii: evidence for a functional role of milk carbohydrates in pinnipeds. Physiology and Biochemical Zoology 86: 159-175, 2013.
Barrell G K, Wellby M P, Ridgway M J, Asher G W, Archer J A. Pre-weaning growth of red deer calves is not determined by ability of hinds to produce milk. Animal Production Science 52: 507-515, 2012.

McNeill B A, Barrell G K, Wooding F B P, Prickett T C, Espiner E A. The trophoblast binucleate cell is the source of maternal circulating C-type natriuretic peptide during ovine pregnancy. Placenta 32: 645-650, 2011.

Prickett T C, Ryan J F, Wellby M P, Barrell G K, Yandle T G, Richards A M, Espiner E A. Effect of nutrition on plasma C-type natriuretic peptide forms in adult sheep: evidence for enhanced C-type natriuretic peptide degradation during caloric restriction. Metabolism Clinical and Experimental 59: 796-801, 2010.

Barrell G K, Archer J A, Wellby M, Ridgway M J. & Evans M J. Bovine somatotrophin stimulates milk production in red deer hinds. Animal Production Science 49: 619-623, 2009.

McNeill B A, Barrell, G K, Wellby, M, Prickett, T C R, Yandle T G. & Espiner, E A. C-type natriuretic peptide forms in pregnancy: maternal plasma profiles during ovine gestation correlate with placental and fetal maturation. Endocrinology 150: 4777-4783, 2009.

Barrell G K. Immunological influences on reproductive neuroendocrinology. In: Juengel, J L, Murray, J F, Smith, M F. (eds). Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants VI, Nottingham University Press, Nottingham. 109-122, 2007.

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