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Professor of Soil Science, Head of Centre for Soil and Environmental Research

Keith Cameron


Keith Cameron

Contact Details

Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Location B124
Phone +64 3 423 0774

Currently Teaching

Soil fertility. Soil management. Soil physical conditions. Sustainable production and Environmental protection.

Academic and Professional Background

Queen's Birthday Honours

  • Appointed by the Queen as an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to agricultural research.

Head of Centre for Soil and Environmental Research Lincoln University.

Past President, New Zealand Society of Soil Science.

Fellow of:

  • New Zealand Institute of Agricultural Science
  • New Zealand Society of Soil Science.

Member of:

  • International Society of Soil Science
  • Royal Society of New Zealand
  • British Society of Soil Science

Current Research and Publications / Selected Publications

  • Soil and Environmental Science, Soil fertility, Soil nitrogen, Nitrification inhibitors, Nitrate leaching 
  • Soil physics, Solute transport.
  • Dairy farming and the environment; ensuring sustainability of high production systems.
  • Land application of wastes.
  • Surface and subsoil cultivation.

Cameron, K.C., Di, H.J. and Moir J.L. (2013). Nitrogen losses from the soil/plant system: a review. Annals of Applied Biology 162: 145-173.

McLaren, R.G. and Cameron, K.C. (2012). Soil Science: Sustainable Production and Environmental Protection. Oxford University Press, Auckland, 304p.

Di, H.J., Cameron, K.C., Shen, J.P., Winefield, C.S., O’Callaghan, M., Bowatte, S. and He, J.Z. (2009). Nitrification driven by bacteria and not archaea in nitrogen rich grassland soils. Nature Geoscience 2: 621-624.

Di, H.J. and Cameron, K.C. (2008). Sources of nitrous oxide from 15N-labelled animal urine and urea fertiliser with and without a nitrification inhibitor, dicyandiamide (DCD). Australian Journal of Soil Research 46: 76-82.

Cameron, K.C., Hedley, M., Clark, H. and Di, H.J. (2007). Impact of pasture and supplement feeding on the environment In: 'Pasture and Supplements for Grazing Animals' New Zealand Society of Animal Production, Occasional Publication No. 14, 287-309.

Di, H.J., Cameron, K.C. and Sherlock, R.R. (2007). Comparison of the effectiveness of a nitrification inhibitor, dicyandiamide, in reducing nitrous oxide emissions in four different soils under different climatic & management conditions. Soil Use and Management 23: 1-9.

Moir, J.L., Cameron, K.C. and Di, H.J. (2007). Effects of the nitrification inhibitor dicyandiamide on soil mineral N, pasture yield, nutrient uptake and pasture quality in a grazed pasture system. Soil Use and Management 23: 111-120.

Cameron, K.C. and Di, H.J. (2004). Nitrogen leaching losses from different forms and rates of farm effluent applied to a Templeton soil in Canterbury, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research 47: 429-437.


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