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Associate Professor in Plant Science

Mitchell Andrews

BSc(Hons) (Botany Univ. Dundee), PhD (Dundee) MBA (Sunderland)
Mitchell Andrews

Contact Details

Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Location FSC 102
Phone +64 3 4230692
Extension 30692

Currently Teaching

  • PLSC 104 - Plant Science 1
  • PLSC 320 - Crop Science
  • QMET 306 - Experimentation
  • BICH 634 - Plant Cell Physiology
  • PLSC 601 - Agronomy
  • PLSC 611 - Plant and Crop Physiology
  • QMET 608 - Field Experimentation

Academic and Professional Background

Member of:

Current Research and Publications / Selected Publications

  • Nitrogen assimilation in plants
  • Plant environmental physiology

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