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Learn more about some of our postgraduate research themes.

Learn more about some of our postgraduate research themes.

We offer many resources and facilities to support postgraduate students, who can benefit from frequent contact with their supervisors, co-supervisors, and associates, as well as off-campus scientists and industry practitioners.

Our small and specialised nature means each postgraduate student’s programme of study and research is negotiated individually with the student.

However, to give you an indication of what you could research at Lincoln, below is a broad list of postgraduate research themes at Lincoln:

• Agricultural and Primary Production 
• Applied Computing (Information technology) 
• Biological and Physical Sciences 
• Business and Economics 
• Dairy Research 
• Ecosystem Services 
• Environmental Design and Management 
• Food, Wine and Health 
• Gene-Marker Laboratory 
• International Development 
• Māori Development 
• Society and Culture 
• Tourism.

The Teaching and Learning team on campus provides many additional services to assist postgraduate students, from thesis-writing workshops to tutoring skills.

We actively support research students attending international conferences. These aim to improve learning and research habits, and challenge postgraduates to think outside the square.

A Postgraduate Officer provides a voice for postgraduate students within the University Students Association (LUSA) and works to facilitate communication between postgraduate students, the University and the association.