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B.linc Innovation

B.linc Innovation

Formerly known as the Lincoln Hub, which was developed by five founding partners - AgResearch, Landcare Research, Plant & Food Research (all Crown Research Institutes), DairyNZ, and Lincoln University – B.linc Innovation is focused on creating harmony with nature, developing sustainable solutions and leaving the planet in a better place tomorrow, than today.

Occupying the former student space at Lincoln University, The Workshop, B.linc caters for start-up teams and small agri businesses looking for a place to connect whilst also offering permanent or semi-permanent desks and space for meetings and workshops.

The challenges

B.linc Innovation is focused on some of the most significant opportunities – and challenges – facing New Zealand’s primary industries, with potential for enormous economic, social and environmental benefit.

The long-term growth of the country is dependent on a major lift in the productivity of its land-based sectors. However, increasingly intensive land-use must be balanced against the demand for more sustainable and environmentally acceptable productivity from the country’s land-based resources.

The goal

The overarching goal of B.linc Innovation is to accelerate the rate of economic development of the land-based sectors while improving their environmental performance. In doing so, B.linc Innovation will become a globally-significant centre for education, research, technology transfer and adoption, and practice change.

By supporting industry innovation, the centre will help build the capability needed for the primary sectors to achieve their potential. To achieve this, it will be fully integrated into the strategies of the primary industries and stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial endeavour by the private sector. It will also draw on and connect with other successful Hubs from across New Zealand and the world.

For more information, see the B.linc Innovation website.