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Our people.


Our people.

Name & Position

Research Expertise

{Carpenter Lloyd:tilelink}

Lloyd's interests lie in Maori Studies, including the Treaty of Waitangi, Maori culture and bicultural engagement, and in New Zealand's colonial history, especially the heritage, landscape, engineering and people of the gold rush.

{Elliot Catherine:tilelink}

Catherine’s research expertise lies in public health, and sport and exercise science. Research interests include arterial stiffness and cardiovascular health, clinical health interventions, health behaviour change, lifestyle physical activity, active transport, and investigating relationships between psychological and physiological health.

{Espiner Stephen:tilelink}

Stephen’s research focus is the human dimensions of national parks and protected area management, with particular reference to outdoor recreation, nature-based tourism and associated conservation, community and visitor management issues.

{Fisher David:tilelink}

David's research interests include representations of indigenous people in tourism, representations of heritage for tourism, tourism in developing countries and concepts of time in tourism.

{Fountain Joanna:tilelink}

Jo's research seeks to bring a social scientific understanding to rural stakeholders' perceptions and experiences of rural change, focused on community festivals, agrifood and wine tourism, and destination branding. She is interested also in wine consumer behaviour and resilience in the wine industry.

{Hamlin Mike:tilelink}

Mike's main area of research is exercise physiology and sport science. Research interests range from altitude and hypoxic training to recovery strategies for sportspeople and new training techniques. Mike is also active in the area of exercise, physical activity and health, particularly in children as well as looking into concussion in rugby players.

{Kobayashi Koji:tilelink}

Koji’s areas of research expertise are sociology of sport, sport management, sport and leisure policy, cultural studies, and media studies. His research interests include globalisation, cultural production, practice of representation and identity politics as they relate to sport and recreation.

{Mackay Michael:tilelink}

Mike's research interests fall into the broad areas of human geography, rural studies, regional and small town regeneration, social impact assessment, tourism research and critical qualitative inquiry.

{Moore Kevin:tilelink}

Kevin's main areas of research interest are in wellbeing, tourist behaviour, theoretical psychology, theories of personhood and evolutionary psychology.

{Rosin Christopher:tilelink}

Chris's expertise is in explanation and theorisation of human-environment relations in the context of primary sector production and rural livelihoods, with particular focus on best practice auditing, agri-environmental governance, climate change, provenance and farmer subjectivities.

{Simmons David:tilelink}

David's expertise include tourism planning and development, tourism management (financial, economic and sustainable yield), tourism studies (geography, sociology) and research methods.

{Steel Gary:tilelink}

Gary's expertise lies in environmental and social psychology; specialising in the psychology of human adaptation to extreme and unusual environments.

{Stewart Emma:tilelink}

Emma's research focuses on the human dimensions of environmental change and the implications for the tourism sector, neighbouring communities, underlying resources and governance structures in climate-sensitive nature-based settings particularly polar, coastal and high mountain environments.

{Tavinor Grant:tilelink}

Grant researches the philosophy of the arts, and has expertise in the aesthetics and ethics of videogames, the nature of virtual worlds and digital interactive art, and games studies.

{Ward Julie:tilelink}

Julie has extensive knowledge and experience in Tertiary Administration including a background in Research, animal and human ethics, and administrative processes.