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Becxs: Agriculture

Becxs: Agriculture

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For Becxs Bush, deciding to attend Lincoln was a “no-brainer”.

“As a farming girl, I knew I wanted to pursue my interest in animals, agriculture and science, so I chose New Zealand’s only agricultural-based university,” she says. “I am in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Agricultural Science and have absolutely loved my degree and the people who make this place home.

“I chose my degree because of its broad range of animal, soil, agronomy and farm management papers. I was able to choose topics which I was passionate about and customise my degree.”

Becxs says Lincoln’s small size provides greater opportunities for practical, lab and lecturer time. Students also get to know academic staff well, which “increases your knowledge and willingness to learn”.

“The staff at Lincoln are incredible. They’re always willing to help and further your education. Lecturers tailor their content to what is current and what the students want to learn. They also encourage self-learning and individual topics for assignments so you can research subjects that you’re passionate about.”

When she finishes her degree, Becxs wants to work in animal health and genetics to improve animal welfare, understanding, and most of all, prevention of diseases.

“Then I would like to go travelling to develop a better understanding of different cultures and then return home to settle down and have a family. However, I want to still have a job in the animal health industry.”

Coming from Parnassus in North Canterbury, Lincoln’s close location to home is an added bonus.

Sport, particularly netball, has also been important to Becxs during her time at Lincoln.

“I have played for the Lincoln Uni C team and then was able to further my netball skills by coaching. Coaching is something I have been doing for seven years and Lincoln has enabled me to carry this on and strive for greater success.”

She says she has forged incredible friendships and bonds that will last outside of university.

“Lincoln is pushing me outside my comfort zone and challenging me to develop and learn.”