Connect with Raftr

Raftr is Lincoln University's online social community, where you can share information, create groups, promote events and connect with other students.

It's exclusive to LU and all new students are given an account. 

Connect to Raftr through your web browser or download it via the App Store or Google Play.

Who can access LU's Raftr Community?

Only those with an active Lincoln University email address can use Raftr.

Who can post on Raftr?

Anyone can create public or private posts, events, polls and more. This your platform to connect and communicate. We encourage everyone to create, share and discover on Raftr.

Why should I use Raftr instead of other social platforms?
  • Raftr is an advertisement-free platform, so you have control over the content you see.
  • Raftr is exclusive to universities. Only those who authenticate with their Lincoln University email domain can access our Raftr community. This means you are only connecting with the LU whānau and are safe from external unsolicited messages.
  • Raftr helps you broaden your university network. Use the direct message feature to connect with someone new (you can block people if needed).
  • You can set up your own rafts, promote events and post announcements in a place where the entire LU community has a chance to join the conversation.
Why is it called Raftr and what is with the otter?

The Raftr platform was created by a company in North America. They noticed a similarity between the behaviour of otters and the student experience:

“A group of otters linked together is called a ‘raft’. Sea otters are very social animals that often sleep, rest and eat together while floating in these rafts, which can include hundreds of interconnected otters – not unlike the student experience...” See About Raftr for more on this.