Improving transport options to improve society

25 February 2022 | News

The latest episode of the Influencers@Lincoln podcast looks at how transport options such as electric vehicles can be utilised for the betterment of society.

Lincoln academic Dr Hafsa Ahmed talks with Dr Helen Fitt whose work focuses on tourist mobilities,  particularly tourists' use of land transport.

Dr Fitt has worked on different projects focusing in this area which includes exploring the possible implications of driverless cars for an ageing society, the use of electric vehicles in tourism and shared mobility.

She believes through improving transport systems we can contribute to improving our environment, health, and society

The podcast highlights some of the Lincoln research addressing some of the issues facing our food and fibre sector, New Zealand at large, and the rest of the world.

Hear it here.

Find out more about Dr Fitt's work on electric vehicle use here.