Students from Japan resume short-term courses

26 July 2023 | News

Students from Japan are being welcomed back to Lincoln University for short-term English Language programmes for the first time since the borders reopened.

Around 100 students from Nara Women’s University, Fukuyama University, Hokkaido University, Tokyo Agriculture University of Technology and the University of Nagano, among others, were on campus in the first half of the year.

Some of the students were integrated into Lincoln’s English for Academic Purposes classes, while others undertook tailored programmes that included lectures in agribusiness and tourism.

The groups also have the chance to see New Zealand and experience the Kiwi lifestyle, practise their English skills outside of the classroom, and experience a different way of teaching.

Students from Hong Kong Metropolitan University have also been on campus for two weeks after coming to Lincoln in 2022 for the first time.

A group of teachers from Taiwan’s National Dong Hwa University studied recently, while students from various universities in China also undertook a two-week course.

Lincoln University International Operations Manager, Patrick Yeung, said he expected to see more short-term students arriving later this year, and the visits added diversity to the classroom and the campus.

If you are interested in bringing short-term groups to Lincoln, please contact Patrick here.

Top image: Lincoln University Deputy Director Academic Pathways and Preparation, Daryl Streat, presents a Hokkaido student with their certificate for completing the course.

Image below: Students from Hokkaido University.

Students from the University of Nagano.