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Vision Scope Disease

Vision Scope Disease

Vision Scope Disease

Vision Scope Disease

Social intelligence analytics

Social transformation is the most notable impact of digital age. It affects the way we interact and express ourselves in thought, emotion, speech and action. These activities have given rise to large-scale social networks and big data containing a wealth of information that can be mined for greater societal benefit.

CBSII aims to accelerate and contribute to the digital transformation of society through the multi-disciplinary integration of social dimensions with advanced complex systems, big data analytics and informatics frameworks to address key challenges.

The challenges range from understanding collective perceptions on various issues and events and their trends to ascertain levels of social intelligence, and how they can be effectively analysed and incorporated into decision and policy-making processes concerning important aspects of societal wellbeing.

Research includes:

  • Understanding community resilience and adaptation to disasters such as earthquakes through emotion identification and analysis using Artificial Intelligence and agent-based modelling
  • Decision and policy-making based on collective stakeholder perceptions using fuzzy cognitive maps and neural networks
  • Intelligent social decision-making based on social networks, Artificial Intelligence and big data analytics.

Academic staff involved

{Patricia Anthony}

{Sandhya Samarasinghe}

Agent and multi-agent based modelling, genetic algorithms, electronic commerce

Complex systems dynamics, Artificial Intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy cognitive maps, machine learning, computational systems biology, bioinformatics

And the postgraduate students working in this area. Refer to staff webpages for current PhD projects and Students and staff publications.