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The CBII Team

Meet our team

The CBII Team

Meet our team

Lincoln University Staff

{Sandhya Samarasinghe}

{Patricia Anthony}

{Majeed Safa}

{Crile Doscher}

{Stuart Charters}

Head of the CSBII Team

Complex systems dynamics, Artificial Intelligence, neural networks, fuzzy cognitive maps, machine learning, computational systems biology, bioinformatics

Agent and multi-agent based modelling, genetic algorithms, electronic commerce

Energy systems modelling, agricultural engineering

Engineering, hydrology, computer modelling, GIS, agent-based modelling

Software engineering, visualisation

{Don Kulasiri}

{Sharon Long}


Glen Rains

Professor of Entomology and Agricultural Engineering
University of Georgia


Prof Shahbaz Khan

Adjunct Professor
Director UNESCO Pacific Region
Jakarta, Indonesia

Mathematical and computational modelling, stochastic modelling of environmental systems, mathematics of memory formation, computational systems biology of neurodegenerative diseases, stochastic Artifical Intelligence

Programming, GIS

Application of engineering science to develop sensor technologies and strategies for applications in precision agriculture and insect ecology

Water systems modelling, UNESCO AGENDA 2030, global and regional water challenges


Adjunct members (New Zealand and international)

Dr Hong Ling
Livestock Improvement Corporation, Hamilton, New Zealand

Biological systems modelling, computational systems biology, bioinformatics, data mining

Dr Ralf Wieland
Leibniz Centre for Landscape Systems Research, Germany

Systems modelling, software engineering,

Dr Graham Strickert
Institute for Global Water Security, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Socio-ecological systems, social hydrology, fuzzy cognitive maps

Dr Amphun Chaiboonchoe
Center for Science and Engineering, New York University, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Computational systems biology, bioinformatics

Dr Jacob Stolk, Director
Dione Complex Systems Research Ltd

Complex system modelling, big data analytics

Dr Mario Lopez
DE Laval Inc., USA

Robotic milking systems

International partners

Prof Philip Maini, Director
Centre for Mathematical Biology, University of Oxford, UK

Mathematical biology

Prof Helen Byrne
Centre for Mathematical Biology, University of Oxford, UK

Mathematical biology

Prof Hermann Matthies
Braunschweig Technical University, Germany

Scientific computing, mathematics

Prof Irene Hudson

RMIT University Melbourne, Australia

Biostatistics, neural networks, data mining

CSBII-affiliated research centres

Lincoln University

• Centre for Advanced Computational Solutions (C-fACS) 
• Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management 
• Centre for Land Environment and People (LEaP)


• Centre for Mathematical Biology at University of Oxford 
• UNESCO Division of Sustainable Water Resources, Paris 
• Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Systems Research, Germany 
• Institute for Global Water Security, University of Saskatchewan, Canada