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Centre for Viticulture and Oenology Staff members

Find out who the Centre staff are.

Centre for Viticulture and Oenology Staff members

Find out who the Centre staff are.

Staff Member

Research Expertise

Roland Harrison

Wine quality parameters linked to environment and viticulture practices, grape and wine phenolics, chemistry of wine aging.

Peter Almond

Influence of soil variability on fruit quality and quantity.

Kathryn Bicknell


David A. Cohen

Wine tourism and the international travel marketplace; the nature of supply chain relationships and their consequences for wine production and sale; the impact of nationalism and country of origin on wine purchase decisions in the international wine marketplace.

Glen L Creasy

Ongoing trials into rootstock and cultivar evaluation in the University's 1.6 ha of teaching and research vineyards; vineyard manipulations affecting fruit quality, specifically on grape phenolics and resultant wine quality; how viticultural management interacts with grape maturation and the development of flavour, aroma and mouthfeel compounds; viticultural management as an integral part of influencing final wine quality.

Sharon Forbes

Wine and consumer behaviour, supply chain management, consumer taste preferences, wine brand name perceptions, social media and the production and marketing of ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’ wines.

Joanna Fountain

Wine tourism experiences, particularly at the winery; the engagement of Generation Y with wine and wine tourism; wine socialisation experiences.

Rainer Hofmann

Effects of ultraviolet radiation on grapes and wine.

Eirian Jones

Grapevine diseases, with the main focus being to determine the factors influencing infection and disease development of plant pathogens to inform control strategies with particular focus on trunk and root pathogens of grapevines. Particular focus in determining the role of grapevine associated microorganisms in disease suppression and improved plant growth. This includes detailed investigation of soil microbial ecology and interactions between biocontrol agents, pathogens and other soil microbes.

Brian Jordan

UV-B radiation effects on plants; biochemistry and molecular biology of grape berry development; environmental impact on plant gene expression; molecular aspects of floral development; plant cell signal transduction; Isolation and characterisation of genes involved in aromatic volatile formation in Sauvignon Blanc; the effect of ultraviolet-B radiation on the ageing characteristics of wine.

Bernard Newman

Winery and Vineyard Manager

Amber Parker

Grapevine phenology modelling; manipulating source-sink relationships in the grapevine and the effect on phenology and berry composition.

Wendy Parr

Sensory scientist

Hayley Ridgway

Molecular Plant Pathology

Neil Ritson

Teaches the third level course Vineyard and Winery Management as a strategic activity. His research interests are around Multinational Companies' strategies and more recently the management styles and corporate level strategies of NZ wineries and vineyards.

Bin Tian

Protein stabilization in white wine production; alternatives to bentonite fining; interactions between grape proteins and phenolic substances; microbial terroir for wine grapes

Chris Winefield

Functional genomics; secondary metabolite biochemistry

Steve Wratten

Habitat-manipulation techniques for enhanced biological control of pests (provision of biocontrol as an ecosystem service via floral or overwintering resources) are being pursued with international collaboration. Buckwheat (Fagopyrum), phacelia and alyssum (Lobularia) are used in apples, vines, pasture, broccoli, etc., to enhance populations and efficacy of parasitoids and hoverflies.