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If you are in immediate danger or require urgent medical care, please ring 111.


If you are in immediate danger or require urgent medical care, please ring 111.

Lincoln University is committed to providing support for students who are experiencing psychological issues. 

Counselling at our Student Health & Support facility typically operates as a short-term service, offering you the opportunity to actively work on issues you’re facing and learn effective strategies to support your mental health and wellbeing. 

Many symptoms, such as anxiety, low mood or feelings of not fitting in, may affect us all from time to time. However, if your issues are more persistent and affect the quality of your life, you may wish to seek some support.

Once you attend an initial counselling appointment, you will undergo an assessment, and together we can devise a tailored plan of support to suit your needs and personal preferences. 

We can offer a range of ways to assist, from self-help, guided self-help, resources and additional support services to individual sessions with a counsellor or clinical psychologist. 

We view your mental health in a holistic way, looking at all parts of your health and well-being, so we tend to make use of other support or resources on campus (and sometimes off campus as well), such as the gym, Inclusive Education, Library, Teaching & Learning or medical care if appropriate. 

Student Heath & Support is a confidential service and is person-centred, which means that we focus on your needs and goals, as determined by you. 

To make an appointment, please call Student Health & Support on 03 325 3835.  Our office hours are Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm.  If you call outside of office hours, you will reach a triage nurse who can link you with appropriate services.

Crisis contacts

Suicide Crisis Helpline:  0508-82-88-65

Suicide Crisis is a 24/7 helpline. If you are in immediate danger or require urgent medical care, please call 111.

Aviva:  03-377-5402

Aviva is a Canterbury-based sexual assault support service. The service provides 24/7 support to adults of all genders who have experienced a recent or historic rape or sexual assault. Assistance includes support to attend medical exams or give police statements and access to counselling (both ACC and non-ACC).

Crisis Resolution (CR):  0800-920-092

CR offers urgent psychiatric assistance. The service provides 24-hour advice and assessments for people in a crisis that is associated with a known or suspected mental health problem.  A mobile service is available to provide 24-hour psychiatric assessments.

Other community-based support services

Need to Talk? Text/call 1737
Need to Talk? is a free 24/7 talk or text service that will connect you with a trained counsellor. 

Lifeline: Text 4357 / Call 0800 543 354
Lifeline is a confidential helpline and textline that provides 24/7 support from qualified counsellors and trained volunteers.