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Each year FMG lends a hand to two promising agriculture students putting $5000 towards your course fees for each year of your undergraduate degree. The scholarship is available for any students entering their first year of the following degrees: ??? Bachelor of Agriculture, ??? Bachelor of Agricultural Science ??? Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture) ??? Bachelor of Science (Agritech) ??? Bachelor of Viticulture and Oenology ??? Bachelor of Agribusiness and Food Marketing ??? Bachelor of Land and Property Management (Rural)

FMG Agriculture Scholarships

Lincoln University Scholarships

Welcome to the Lincoln University Scholarship database. Please use the buttons and filters below to find out which scholarships are available to you. For assistance at any time, or for more information, please email: You can select from the A to Z menu below. Alternately select from the programmes of study on the left to find eligible scholarships.

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