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Scholarships can help pay for your study and there are many scholarship options available to Lincoln students.

You may be able to ease the financial burden of tertiary education with one of the many university scholarships awarded to New Zealand students each year. There are literally hundreds of grants, allowances and scholarships available to students at all stages of study.

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    Browse Scholarships Database

    You can either search for all relevant scholarships and funding or browse for by name.

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    Search Scholarships Database

    Please use this page to search the scholarships database.

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    Sports Scholarships

    If you're serious about your sport and your study, consider applying for the Lincoln University Sports Scholarship programme.

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    Future Leader Scholarship

    Every year, Lincoln University offers students who have acted as leaders in their school or community the opportunity to develop their leadership skills while undertaking tertiary study.

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    Global Challenges Scholarship

    Feed the world, protect the future, live well: they’re Lincoln University’s causes – a response to the global challenges facing the planet today, like climate change, food production and security, depleting resources, urban sprawl, the loss of biodiversity, and pollution.

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    Need to Know

    Find out about eligibility, application information, referee's report and the selection process.

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